Top 3 Candida Diet Breakfast Recipes – Phase 2

Candida Diet Breakfast Recipes
These are 3 of the best Candida Diet Breakfast Recipes Phase 2 has to offer.

All simple, yet tasty and quick to make.

You can of course have them for lunch or dinner, too.

But as you’re not allowed any cereal or bread in phase 2 of the candida diet, sadly your breakfast options are a bit limited.

Head up – Not long to go until phase 3 now, where you’ll have lots more breakfast options.

As you’ll be eating the recipes below just after fasting (you’ve done the candida cleanse, right?!) it won’t feel quite as bad as if you swapped your usual breaky for this lot.

You’ll quickly find that most candida diet recipes taste much better than they might sound or look ?


Creamy Coconut Rice

Here’s a lovely candida diet breakfast recipe – Creamy Coconut Rice – Delicious!

Click here to see the recipe



candida diet breakfast recipe 2

Omelette with Green Pepper and Leek

A classic candida diet recipe for phase 2 of the diet. Quick to make & looks good, too…

Click here to see the recipe


candida diet breakfast recipe 3

Poached Cod with Cherry Tomatoes

This is a flavoursome meditarreanean recipe. An unusual breakfast combo but easy to make & filling.

Click here to see the recipe

Ok, you cannot eat your usual breakfast foods – that sucks!

But armed with these easy to prepare Candida Diet Breakfast Recipes Phase 2 of the diet will seem a bit less daunting I hope.

Next you can check out my tasty lunch options. Stay tuned or better still – Put your email address in the box above & Get instantly notified when the latest recipes are out ?


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  • judith

    Reply Reply September 6, 2012

    I am a vegan vegetarian and do not use any dairy,eggs, cheese, meat
    what are my options?

  • Sandra

    Reply Reply September 9, 2012

    Hi Judith,

    finding vegan/ vegetarian recipes for the candida diet must be quite a challenge.

    In my opinion your best bet is to eat veggy stir-fries.

    Be sure to add plenty of dark green vegetables like kale, spinach or broccoli because these have the most protein.

    You can then add lightly roasted sunflower and/ or sesame seeds to give it a bit more substance.

    Chickpeas would also make a great addition for vegans on a candida diet. And sprinkle lots of ground flax seeds or de-shelled hemp seeds over your meals.

    Before breakfast you could have a spirulina drink which is a real vitamin, mineral and protein powerhouse.

    Perhaps you might want to try a green vegetable juice – you could add a bit of pea or hemp protein powder to fill you up for longer and add extra nutrients.

    Hang in there – in phase 3 you can have more breakfast variety including comforting quinoa breakfasts with rice, soya or almond milk.

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