My Diet before I started the Candida Diet

How my Lifestyle and what I ate affected my Health

If you’d like to see exactly what I was eating on a day to day basis, you can delve deeper by clicking into each diet phase below:

1982 When I was a kid (growing up in Germany) – Anxiety

1991 When I was a teenagerSinus Infections, IBS

1995When I was first living on my own Depression, UTI

2000 When I moved to Cologne/ BonnAllergies, Overactive Thyroid, Mood swings, Migraine

2004When I first came to the UKThyroid Relapse, Insomnia, Thrush, UTI

2006Another House Move & Career changeSevere Eczema, IBS

2009 When I started the Candida DietItchy Skin, Panic Attacks, Depression – Initially Quick Recovery, then too many carbs (mostly wheat & oats)

2010 Candida Diet ChangeThrush, Constipation, IBS

Autumn 2012Optimized Candida Dietrecurring Thrush, Constipation, IBS

Spring 2013The Candida Diet I am currently followingoccasional Thrush, Constipation

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