14 Day Candida Diet Boot-Camp:                Jump Start Your Health!

Candida diet course that you can access online anytime, a private facebook group to learn from others, live group calls for clarity and a series of encouraging emails to keep you going!

From former Candida sufferer, Sandra Boehner, who helped hundreds of people like you overcome their Candida related health issues by openly sharing her recipes as well as what treatments worked for her and which ones didn’t.

Simple step-by-step guide for people just starting out (or starting over); showing you how to best kill Candida and quickly get back on track with the Candida diet.


What You’ll Get When You Sign Up:

  1. Webinar Training 1: Intro & guidelines to ease yourself into the diet, incl. groceries list to get you started
  2. Webinar Training 2: Guidelines for the 1-2 day weekend fast to kick-start your health (optional but it will be good!)
  3. Webinar Training 3: Proven Step by Step Candida diet plan with Paleo style recipes & meal plan (electronic format); incl. info when to take the natural Candida meds and how much

Are you ready to do this?

To Go Through the Candida Diet Live with Me and a Group of Dedicated Dieters Who Root For Your Success?  

This is not a Magical Candida Cure, Scam or yet another Sugar Detox Diet — are you Ready to Take Action? To Start Healing the Imbalances in Your Digestive System and to Become Healthier & Happier?

Then Join my “14 Days Candida Diet – Jump Start Your Health!” a 2 week on-line program that guides you through the critical first stages of the Candida diet. (Detox & Strict Diet).

I’ve gone through the diet myself, so I can quickly tell you what the best ways are to prepare yourself for the diet. I want to help you set yourself up for success. Why make the same mistakes as I did, if you can learn from my experience and fast-forward your learning?


This program is for you if:

  • You’re confused/overwhelmed by all the conflicting Candida diet info out there
  • ​You’re newly diagnosed with (or suspect you have Candida) and don’t know where to start in terms of diet and supplements
  • You want motivation, information, and accountability by people who are in the same boat as you
  • ​You’ve gone on diets before and failed, reverting back to your old “unhealthy” way of eating
  • ​You’re struggling with your weight (you’re overweight or you find it hard to put on weight)
  • ​You’re ready to create more balance in your habits and lifestyle
  • You display a positive attitude

It’s NOT for you if:

  • You don’t believe in holistic healing
  • You’re not interested in learning or changing how you do things
  • You’re looking for a magic pill to make all your symptoms go away
  • You don’t want deadlines, accountability, or homework
  • You blame others for not achieving what you set out to do 
    • You’re a pessimist and not willing to support other members

    Benefits from a supportive online community

    This is where the magic happens! Some of us have a great support network. Others might have family, friends and colleagues who are not so considerate and supportive when it comes to clean sugar free eating. That’s where our exclusive Facebook group comes in. Everyone in there is in the same boat as you. They are all thinking of or have already started with the Candida diet, and they all have to adjust to this new way of eating – with all the confusion and frustration that entails.

    Together we can cheer each other along and keep you accountable, so you won’t fall off the diet ladder.

    Don’t just take my word for it….


     “The course made me feel sane!  

    It was nice to have a community of people going through exactly
    what I was and encouragement that what I was doing was actually working

      Hannah, LA

    Here’s What You’ll Get Inside:

    • ​Access to Sandra who has been following the Candida diet for close to four years now and has absolutely nailed it in terms of how to stay motivated, how to not succumb to temptations, how to overcome cravings, how to deal with sadness and anxieties and the discomfort of the yeast infections itself.

    • ​3 live group calls where Sandra will answer your questions and you can learn from the others (recordings available afterwards).

    • ​5 on-line training modules that give you key information on how to go through each stage of the diet.

    • How to detox, how to stop losing weight during the strict diet phase, how to know that it’s die off and not new symptoms, how to know when to reintroduce carbs again and what the most effective Candida treatments were for me. How to ease yourself out of the diet without risking a relapse, how to deal with the emotional side of Candida? Encouragement to keep going!

    • Private Community to celebrate your diet success with you and keeping you accountable when you might otherwise slip up with the diet.

    • Homework – Yep! Every few days you’ll get a specific task to do to help you transition to a healthier diet (nothing too strenuous, fear the not – new foods to try… it’ll be fun!)

    • ​14 days of daily encouraging emails, recipes inspiration and motivational Facebook group posts to re-reinforce your new healthy lifestyle.

    The Candida diet will start on the 3rd of August (…and it’s the only time this program will open this year!)

    Join “14 Day Candida Diet”-

    Jump Start Your Healing!

    See what you’ll learn…

    • Module 1
    • MODULE 2
    • MODULE 3
    • How long it’s going to take you to get better
    • Taking stock: where in your body do you have Symptoms?
    • Getting to the root cause of your health issues – What tests give you clarity and where can you get them? Alternative if money is tight: elimination diet & broad spectrum natural remedies
    • Create your health goal for the two weeks we have together and your vision for the next 3-6 months
    Cat, NC

    “When diagnosed with Candida and your whole world is turned upside down because you have to eat differently from everyone else…

    and when your brain can’t function properly because you’re not eating properly…

    you NEED friends who understand. Really understand. And when you actually wrote back to me, it gave me hope. I thank you so much for that.”



    1) What you need to do for prep

    2) How to do a Candida cleanse/ fast

    3) Insider Tips How to get through the Candida Diet!

    VALUED AT $297

                                    BONUS 1 – Digital Copy of my Books                                      “The Candida Diet Solution & Sugar free & easy Candida diet recipes 1” 


    Follow my proven step by step plan!

    …and eat well! There’s no need to starve on my diet. You’ll get my tried and tested 2 week meal plan and 80 popular recipes for quick reference

    BONUS 2 – Weight management guide


    22 insanely useful tips to lose weight

    Includes the 3 only tips you’ll ever need how to put weight back on if you lost too much weight, it’s easy, don’t worry!

    BONUS 3 – Groceries & supplements list + meal plan


    Get started straight away. Order everything so you can begin the diet well prepared!



    Get all my meal plans, groceries lists, the Candida diet guide, the weight management guide and 80 of my best Paleo style Candida diet friendly recipes for free — normally $97! 



    VALUED AT $297

    Not only will you learn from other amazing people in the private Facebook group. You’ll also get direct email access to me, even up to 3 months after the boot camp. I got your back!

    Join “14 Day Candida Diet” 

    $695 VALUE FOR ONLY $199 (£128)

    Jump Start Your Healing! 



    How does the sign up process work?

    Click on the “buy now” button – you’ll be re-directed to the course payment page, where you can pay via paypal or credit card.

    The program will begin on Monday 3rd August. You will receive your membership login in the morning so you can print off the groceries list and begin the course! All live trainings will be recorded and can be viewed when you’re ready.

    How long are you accepting applications?

    From now until Saturday 1st of August 2015.

    What happens when the 14 Day Candida diet program is finished?

    You’ll have lifelong access to the course materials, so your log in details to the program will still work and you can carry on with the diet on your own, should you wish to. You can still use the Facebook group, but there will be no support until the next round of live diet training starts which will be in October. As an alumni member, you will get a discount if you would like to upgrade to Level 2 and stick with the program for a 2nd round. Plus you can bring a friend or family member for free. So you could split the price fifty fifty.

    Jump Start Your Healing Level 2 is a program specifically helping you through the Carb Reintroduction phase of the Candida diet. It is geared at people who fell off the diet after Level 1 and back into old eating habits and now find it hard to get back on track. Level 2 will encompass a 14 day meal plan and lots of mouth-watering recipes for you to try. The emphasis will be on boosting your immune system and healing your gut.

     Are my payments secure?

    Yes. All subscriptions and payments are 100% secure.

    Who is Sandra Boehner?

    She is the author of the best-selling book “The Candida Diet Solution” and the “Sugar Free and Easy Candida Diet Recipes Book Series”. She is a holistic nutrition enthusiast and has during the past four years successfully helped over 2,500 people adopt a sugar free, gluten and dairy free diet via her blog candidadietplan.com

    Although she herself is not a qualified doctor, naturopath or dietician, she did run her course content through with two independent health specialists who thought her diet approach was sound. But as she has no formal title or license as registered professional to back it up, she is not legally allowed to offer health consultations. Therefore all the information presented in the program and on her website and books is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information is presented for educational purposes only and is to be used to start a discussion with your healthcare professional, not instead of. So please always consult your own General Practitioner (GP) if you are concerned about your health, especially regarding vitamins, supplements or pharmaceutical drugs prior to use (this is even more important if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, very ill or underweight).

     If accepted to the 14 day Candida diet program, what kind of support can I expect?

    You will have two kinds of live support:

    1.) 3 live group calls with Sandra and some fellow dieters for guidance on implementing the Candida diet learning hacks and habits
    2.) The private “Candida diet insiders” Facebook community of motivated dieters just like yourself

    Will I have access to Sandra?

    Yes! Sandra is active in the private community answering questions for members. Learners outside of the academy do not have the same access to Sandra.

    Will I cure Candida during those two weeks?

    You will accelerate your healing, and with the community support, accountability and the guided assignments led by Sandra you should see great progress (directly proportional to how much you’re invested in the program). If you only have a simple yeast infection then you might very well almost clear it up within a matter of weeks. In all other cases you will have to follow the diet until all food sensitivities and yeast imbalances have been corrected. How long this might take depends on how many secondary infections and diseases are present and if there any other factors that might sabotage your healing like heavy metal poisoning, leaky gut, chronic stress…. For most people it takes 3-9 months to overcome the Candida related health issues, for some 12 months (or even longer in some cases, especially if you slip up with the diet). During the program you will learn what tests you need to take to get clarity on whether the symptoms you are experiencing are indeed Candida or down to some other microbial imbalance like SIBO for instance.

    In what way is this program different to the diet plan on candidadietplan.com?

    ​The outline of the diet and the food recommendations are the same as on candidadietplan.com  and  the “The Candida diet solution” and “Sugar free and easy”, but they reflect Sandra’s healing knowledge from 1-4 years ago. She has since then tried different remedies, gone through specific Candida healing programs (value $1,400) and therefore the content in this program contains Sandra’s latest tips and techniques to overcome Candida, that she hasn’t shared anywhere else.

    Who else will be in the program?

    Other health enthusiasts and Candida sufferers who have demonstrated a commitment to learning, accountability and supporting the community. You don’t have to interact or even see anyone if you don’t want to. Everyone’s access to the course content is private. If you’d like to chat to the other students, and see how they are coping with Candida or if you’d like to find an accountability partner, then you can do so in the private Facebook group.

    What if I’m a total beginner?

    Don’t worry, the course was designed with a beginner in mind, so you should be fine. But if you’re really struggling to keep the pace due to some unforeseen things demanding your attention outside of the course then you can always revisit any of the modules at a later date and go through the exercises at your own pace.

    What will be the levels of the other students?

    It will be a mixed group. Some have already gone through some type of Candida diet, and just do it to consolidate their newly found health. Others are complete Candida diet newbies. But the nice thing about the lessons is that every student learns at their own pace while still being able to support fellow students who might be at a different level. In general we’ll all be on the same song sheet though, because we’ll start the program on the same day and are working through the tasks on the same days.

    Will there be a money back guarantee? 

    I have no doubt that once you enter you will quickly realize how life-changing this program is. If for any reason, you don’t, I’m happy to offer you a 7-day money back guarantee.

    I believe you get what you put in it, so I am confident if you take action and follow along with the course you will feel better. But I am afraid there will be NO REFUND if you are not 100% satisfied after the course.

    Please note that when cleansing from Candida, you may feel worse before you feel better. This phase might very well last a few days or longer (hopefully not in your case!); but it’s a good idea not to plan any major important activities for when you’re doing the cleanse.

    Last time I donated all proceeds to the Joyful Hearts Foundation to fund a health and wellness program for children who have been the victim of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. This time I will donate 10 % to a good cause. The rest will be invested back into making the program better.

    What will the program cost? 

    It’s an investment of $199 (125 GBP), that’s only $99 (62 GBP) per week (less than a big meal in a restaurant!) If you were to book me as your 1:1 Candida coach, you’d have to spend $125 just to speak with me for an hour. Here you can get my encouragement and support for 14 days — can’t say fairer than that! The course price is only going to go up as the program gets better.

    How can I access the course material?

    From the comfort of your home!

    This program is a membership based program where you will receive a login and be able to listen to all audios and download all PDF’s as well as receive emails for 2 weeks to support you as you go through the cleanse. You’ll even have email access to me for 3 months after the boot camp has finished.

    Each week you will unlock a new module with corresponding audio, text and a challenge/ homework to do.

    No need to drive to any facility and you can learn from anywhere, as long as you have internet access and your login details handy. There’s no time limit other than the homework deadlines and the time-sensitive live chats (but there will be replays available if you miss them.

    You can access the FB support group at any time.

    Must I use all the lessons during the 2 weeks?

    Yes, as a motivated learner who’s been accepted to the “14 Candida Diet” program, it’s expected that you will give it your all and complete all the lessons.

    It’s up to you to complete those by the end of each week’s assignment. But the format is designed to keep you on track, and going through the diet systematically. Just think of an onion with its several layers. Your healing happens in a similar manner. It starts internally, unseen to the eye, and moves outwards layer by layer, tackling different symptoms. So your skin’s healing might be several weeks delayed for instance.

    If you stop and start the Candida diet cleansing program then it is virtually impossible to track your progress. You might be close to hitting a real breakthrough in your healing, but because you interrupted the progress you don’t actually get to reap the rewards. Now how annoying would that be?! So you might as well stick with it and be done with it! That’s not to say you couldn’t have a few “off days” – these things happen, just pick up where you left off. But preferably approach these 2 weeks of dieting with the intention of making every day count for accelerated healing.

    What if I have to go on a business trip or holiday while the course is on?

    Technically that’s no problem, as the schedule is flexible, you can access the community on Facebook and you can complete the program from anywhere with a computer and Internet access. But as your food choices are somewhat limited on this program and you most likely will have to take a whopping load of supplements and vitamins it can be a bit awkward to get hold of everything you need in a different country. There would definitely be more stress, distractions and temptations to lead you off the beaten diet track…. But it can be done.

    Whom can I contact with other questions?

    You can contact Sandra@candidadietplan.com. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



    The first ten people signing up will get 2 x complementary 1:1 coaching sessions with me! (Note: Only 8 left!)



    You can try out the recipes, interact in the exclusive Facebook group and make changes to your diet & lifestyle. If after 7 days you tell me the program isn’t the right fit for you, you get your money back!​ Simple!

    Join “14 Day Candida Diet” 

    $695 VALUE FOR ONLY $199 (£128)

    Jump Start Your Healing!