Finally – Candida diet & well-being 1:1 in person meet ups!


How about meeting me for a tasty brunch or lunch in a beautiful location?! You won’t even have to eat all those incredibly irresistible looking cake bites…

But just look at them… I mean, just LOOK at them. YUM! To my defence, they are gluten free, vegan and full of goodness, that’s something, right! ?

Ok joking aside, my goal is of course to take you on a culinary tour for some hidden (+ healthy!) gems that you might not otherwise get to experience.

From smoothie bowls to Paleo rotisseries, from superfood salads to Lebanese brunches …. there will be something you love!

candida diet smoothie bowl
















We can geek out over what to eat & do to feel your best – whether it be energy boosting remedies,

Candida diet hacks & lush snacks/ recipes or whatever else is important to you.


This is where you can meet me for a 3 hour intensive

August – October 2017

Falmouth, UK – beautiful sea side town in Cornwall 

Falmouth 1st cdp meet-up location











Bristol, UK  – one of my fav cities in the world 

Bristol cdp 2nd meet-up location








Bath, UK – stunning architecture & flair

Bath 3rd cdp meet-up location










London, UK – cosmopolitan hub for business & culture 










Annapolis, U.S. – epic water front bay with naval history









I know some delicious food & Spa places in Cornwall, Bristol, Bath and London (and I’m sure we can find some in Annapolis too!), so we will dine & relax like queens, yeah baby!

We’re talking some amazing vegan, gluten free restaurants and cafes

… as well as popular Paleo & Candida diet friendly places


Culinary delights, fun, laughter & learning — to feed your soul!

Imagine how invigorated you’ll feel after our power hours together – it can literally turn your health & well-being around 180 degrees!

Powerful stuff!

A few hours taking good care of yourself + learning some ninja healing know-how might be all you need to get unstuck and up-level your lifestyle.
















COMMENT below or EMAIL [email protected] with any questions or suggestions and to find out about dates and so on – would love to hear from you!

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  1. Wonderful locations to meet! I’ve not been back to Falmouth for over 2 years now, after spending such a great couple of years living there. I’m in for meeting you anywhere Sandra. x

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