Candida Diet Plan is 1 Year Old!

cake with candles

Happy Birthday to the blohohog (oy,that was me singing!). Happy birthday to you and me :)  I don’t know how it happened but we forgot to celebrate in March when the blog was 1 year old. 1 year whohoo! Doesn’t time fly!

So we better quickly celebrate now before the next anniversary comes along, and we miss out on this one.

The idea is to take a photo each year with a special birthday cake that symbolizes what we’ve achieved that year.

Since this is the first one and we had to go through a strict diet it wouldn’t be appropriate to make a three layered Gateau cake full of sugar and cream, would it. Instead I decided to pick the first cake I ever made whilst on the candida diet:

Sugar free Carrot Cake: the perfect Candida Cake!

sugar free carrot cake

The cake that I made countless times again (with slight modification for family members – it saw me adding sugar and cream cheese layers on request I’m ashamed to say).

It is a very reliable little cake, that looks sturdy and dense with a crisp caramelized outer crust and a bread like inner texture. Here’s the recipe.

It smells rich of toasted walnuts with a hint of sweet carrot. The cake uses no sugar or sweetener, so it is the perfect cake to get started with on the Candida diet once you can have carbs (carrots and flour). If you are brand new to the diet I would wait at least a month before digging into this cake. You can tide yourself over with making little coconut flour pancakes.

Sure the cake would taste even better with a bit of sweetness. Next time I might try adding some stevia…

The carrot cake also tastes great with roasted pumpkin seeds and raisins once you’re diet allows for a bit of fruit. The cake can get a bit dry. I tend to toast slices of it to dip into homemade sugar free custard.

Definitely worth trying!

sugar free carrot cake with custard

…and now hop over to the birthdaytastic the giveaway… you never know – you might win this one!

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Cat October 25, 2013 at 13:57

Wow! A birthday party! I didn’t realize your blog was so new when I found it – just in time to help and encourage me! Happy Blogiversary #1, Sandra!


Sandra October 25, 2013 at 14:08

Thank you Cat. I’d share my birthday cake with you any time :)

Yes, it’s true, I was new to the blogging sphere when we first met. Plenty more to learn. It’s exciting though. I think it would be awesome if you got into blogging too. Ok, I’ll give you until your move. But then I expect to see a Cat-ilicious blog! What do you reckon?


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