What’s in Store from me in 2013?

candida diet plan goals 2013

A Big Focus of my blog this year will be on Recipes

Candida Diet Recipes, sugar free, dairy free, gf-free, vegan, raw, healthy, yummy!

  • More gluten free & tummy friendly recipes, especially breakfast ideas.
  • Quick soups & stews.
  • Instructions how to make Sauerkraut, Kefir & Sourdough Bread (boosting your immune system to wean yourself of expensive probiotics when your body can sustain it).
  • Overhaul of the Recipes Page with nice photos and categories that are easy to browse.
  • A compilation of all my recipes in an e-book format.  
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Simple, Short & Useful

  • I’ll answer at least 2 candida/ candida diet related questions every week.
  • Creating a resources page, where you can find everything that helped me in my recovery, at one glance.
  • Finally tackling the food diary I’ve been keeping for the past 3 years. Sharing with you a synopsis of what worked and what the die off looked like for me, month by month.

What You Can Expect from Joining my Email List

  • A complete email sequence guiding you through the different stages of the Candida Diet (from Mid February!)
  • A new Candida Diet approach that I have been secretly testing before Christmas with great results.
  • Once a week I’ll email you a list with links to all new articles and recipes on my blog – So your inbox won’t get swamped with my messages, and you won’t miss a thing

Where You Can Get the Most Support from Me

As always I’ll also be supporting you on your health journey as best as I can.

Whether this be in our Candida Facebook group for fellow Candida sufferers or by email.

The FB group is totally private (none of your FB friends can see your posts), and a friendly place for discussing our die off symptoms, how we deal with them and giving each other advice.

Why You Will “Like” the Candida Diet Plan Facebook Page – hint, hint ;-)

Candida Diet Plan Facebook Community

The CandidaDietPlan FB page on the other hand is open to the public.

It will host a mixture of links to my blog posts, quick snaps of what I’m cooking up and other nutritional bits and bobs that I find worth sharing with you.

It’s also a great place for you to chime in with your own cooking creations and tips.

It just gives us all a platform to exchange pics and ideas.

This is where I’m headed this year. How do you fit in?

Tell me one thing what you’d like to see more of/ less of this year.

Use the comment box below or if you really want to hit it out of the park –

Fill In This Short Survey

It will help me to pick topics that really matter to you!

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with me!

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Here’s to your health & happiness in 2013 :-)


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