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These are the health remedies I regularly buy, and I think would help you, too.

Click here to search for something on Amazon. You’ll go to Amazon in the U.S. – (if you’re from the UK — Click here to go to Amazon UK, if you’re from Australia, Germany… it makes more sense to go to the Amazon shop in your own country, use this just for inspiration.

  Disclosure: If you do decide to purchase anything from Amazon based on my recommendation it will be at cost price for you and I will get 5% kick back. What this means is that for a $5 jar of coconut butter I would get 0.25p. Same price for you = help with running costs of this site for me. THANK YOU :)

This page was specifically created for useful resources I received from America. Next I will put a separate page up with all my recommended English suppliers.

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    • cat

      Reply Reply January 1, 2015

      Would it be possible to show here what brand stevia you recommend? I need to try to find it on amazon. Or maybe I missed it… I will look again… Thanks!

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply January 2, 2015

        Hello and happy new year Cat :)
        I use Nunaturals dark liquid Vanilla Stevia.

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