Candida diet: Confused how you can keep up with my videos and blog?


I just wanted to check in with you and say thank you for your patience.

Revamping one’s website and email content can be a bit of a bumpy ride with a few tech glitches or confusion here and there.

You might be wondering why is the Facebook group called #PaleoRockstars now and not Detox buddies anymore like it used to?

I recorded a 4 minutes video about this and what you can get out of it.


That aside there is also the Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram – you can’t possibly keep up with everything that I keep posting…. So let me help you decide what is right for you at this moment in time:


— Facebook page – a place where you can find my latest blog posts, livestreams, offers, etc.

— Facebook group #PaleoRockstars – a place where I facilitate conversations between you and other smart wisdom seeking/ Candida conquering people (and sometimes me as well!)

— Instagram – beautiful quotes and empowering affirmations as well as snapshots of me out and about, food photos, and again the chance to connect with me and other Candida peeps

— Pinterest recipes inspiration (m own & other peoples’ – gluten free, vegan, dairy free, Paleo, Keto… you name it – there’s lots of variety).

— Twitter – health tips and recipes from me and other real food & Paleo bloggers in bite-sized chunks.

Weekly email newsletter – links to new recipes or articles on my blog, real time insights into what I’m doing with my diet + personal encouragement and no BS insider info what living with Candida is really like.

As a thank you for signing up I give people a FREE pdf that outlines the framework for the diet that I have seen the most success with

If you find the choice overwhelming and only want 1 channel then go for the FBgroup  – that gives you the most comprehensive info and consistency apart having me over for Green tea or working with me 1:1…

… and if you have an aversion against using Social Media then your best bet to keep in the loop is my weekly newsletter sent to you by email — to join simply put your name and email in the sign up form at the bottom of this page.

P.S. Before you do that please CLICK on the social media links above to FOLLOW ME on any of those platforms I mentioned. I’d love to connect!

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