Candida diet update after vacation – relapse after drinking G&T?

As you might have noticed from me dropping off the radar, I haven’t been around these past ten days. Two lots of friends of us got married and so we found ourselves driving across country (twice!) to celebrate their union!

Needless to say that this caused a considerable amount of upheaval, stress, anxiety and dare I say FUN, haha. But being me I thought I might as well visit my parents in Germany for good measure which added a neat 12 hours travel time both ways onto my 6 hours journey (and why not, hah!)

Anyway, I got there (and back) in the end, so all is well.

And no doubt I developed some ninja emergency vitamin and healthy snack food packing skills if nothing else (half my suitcase was filled with superfood crackers and the such, no joke – but it stood me in good stride whenever my connecting trains were delayed!)

Candida relapse after wedding cake & G&T? Nope!

Having thoroughly enjoyed the German spreads and bread varieties (and I might even have sampled a glass of champagne and one or the other G&T at the wedding as you can see on the photographic evidence above, not to mention the candida friendly wedding cake and ice cream uh oh…!)

All in the name of research of course – to investigate if after years of eating a sugar free diet one would trigger a candida relapse from such frivolous behaviours… so far so good… we shall keep a close eye on the long term effects. But I must say I hugely enjoyed behaving ‘like a normal person for once’ and not 24/7 monitoring what I put into my body. I’m sure you can relate! So how have you been? Any holiday plans?

I could really get used to this laid back diet approach! I do NOT want a relapse though! Having had a few in my time I really have no wish to go through that again, so I am not taking my chances. I am going back to eating sensibly 80% of the time now which usually works just fine for me.

A few pounds of weight loss might be in order though…!

In the spirit of getting myself back on track I want to lose some weight, as I made the fatal mistake of weighing myself at my parents house and noted my highest weight to date (and no, it’s not heavy bones, nor is it a bunch of muscles from working out so hard because I have done diddly squat this past year due to my bouts of CFS. Thank goodness they seem to be in check now so I can start exercising again.

Yes! I have given myself two weeks to get into shape for the bikini beach babe summer season lol. Not long enough, but I’ll see what I can do. Want to join in on the fun?

Would be good to have a partner in crime to spur each other on ? Pop over to my facebook page for some weight loss inspiration, encouragement and an extra health boost.



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