14 Handy Candida Diet Snacks

What Candida Diet Snacks can you have in Phase 3 of the diet?

candida diet snacks

  1. Instant Quinoa flakes with almond or coconut milk
  2. Instant Millet Flakes with rice milk
  3. Almond & Hazelnut Butter Bites
  4. Coconut Rice Snack 
  5. Nutty Buckwheat
  6. Everyday Pancakes
  7. Carob Bites
  8. Oaty Bites
  9. Rice milk with sunflower seeds and desiccated coconut
  10. Corn Crisps
  11. Popcorn
  12. Steamed Veg with pumpkin seed oil salt & pepper
  13. Turkey Sandwich Bites

Check out the images in the article now to get some inspiration ?


So, What Candida Diet Snacks Can You Have?

People with a sweet tooth will breathe a sigh of relief now as Phase 3:

  • allows you to eat much sweeter foods.
  • and also much bigger amounts in general.
  • With far less symptom flare ups.

The main thing to remember for phase 3 snacks is that you can use the following ingredients:

  • whole grains
  • whole grain flours
  • starchy vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes or potatoes
  • sweet spices like carob or 70% cocoa (occasionally!)
  • almond, seeds or nut butters (except peanut butter – too allergenic)

Let’s Check Out the Goodies In More Detail:

Sweet Treats

Instant Quinoa flakes with almond or coconut milk

Quinoa Coconut Snack Seriously moreish this gluten free snack and ueber quick to whip up.

Instant Millet Flakes with rice milk

Quick Millet Snack Equally as quick & comforting…

Almond Butter Toasties

almond-butter-bitesToasted yeast free soda bread with home made almond butter.

Hazelnut Butter Bite

hazelnut butter bite Another toasted jobbie – this time sesame flat bread with hazelnut butter – Yummo!

Coconut Rice Snack

creamy coconut rice
Filling, detoxifying… Simply one of the best candida diet snacks there is (cooked brown rice with coconut oil and cinnamon)

Nutty Buckwheat

nutty buckwheat
Lovely light & nutty – Buckweat cooked in water or rice milk (this gluten free snack gets even nuttier when you add chopped roasted hazelnuts & cinnamon.

Everyday Pancakes

coconut pancakes
Now this is my favourite anti candida snack ever! Wholemeal pancakes with rice milk and desiccated coconut, mmmhhh!

Carob Bites

carob bites

Ideal to polish off leftover carrot-/ or oat cake – Mix sunflower oil with carob, vanilla and dark cocoapowder, sesame seeds and cinnamon stevia – If you miss Chocolaty things this sauce is for you.

Rice milk with sunflower seeds and desiccated coconut

rice milk with coconut and sunflower seeds Sweet & Quick to make (the photo doesn’t do it justice).  You can eat 2-4 tablespoons of probiotic yogurt, with or without seeds and puffed rice mixed in (just eat quickly otherwise the puffed rice gets soggy). Sheep’s yogurt is easier to digest & tastes nicer than goats yogurt. Avoid cows yogurt if you can.


popcorn When was the last time you MADE Popcorn? It’s high time… (1-2 handfuls, occasionally, are ok).

     Salty & Rustic Treats

    Corn cakes/ Corn Crisps

    corn crisps As delicious as Nachos but no spice, cheese or artificials, just salt and oil. Not the healthiest snack… But infinitely healthier than normal crisps or pizza. Therefore perfect to tide you over when you’re with friends…

    Oaty Bites

    oaty bitesCan you eat oats? They are awesome at keeping your blood sugar level constant and curbing your appetite. Just mix with a bit of wholemeal flour, salt, butter and sesame seeds to make the batter for these crunchy cookies.

    Veggies with Pumpkin seed oil salt & pepper

    sweet greens
    Steamed veg are perfect as a nourishing energy boost – sweet potatoes, cold new potatoes, peas, beans, asparagus, spinach or spring greens… whatever you prefer as long as something dark & green is amongst it. Tastes great with pumpkin seeds oil. Make more the day before ?

    Turkey Bites

    turkey sandwich bites Yeast free soda bread with turkey breast fillet, egg and salad – rustic yet filling.

    Lots of Food for Thought for You :-)

    Read On to Find Out When can you Enjoy These Lovely Candida Diet Snacks Guilt Free

    The way this works is this: Coming straight out of phase 2 you still have to be very careful what you eat for some time.

    Key to your recovery is to always listen in with yourself:

    1. Do you have a really good day where you feel on top of things and that’s why you think you can afford to enjoy a little snack? Sort of to reward yourself for the hard work you’ve already done by sticking to the strict diet.
    1. Or are you feeling very low and in desperate need to snack on something for a quick pick-me-up because you are either lacking energy or your mood is plummeting?

    You have to be honest with yourself here.

    If in doubt and you are feeling a bit under the weather it’s best to choose one of the low carb candida diet snacks so your body can focus on healing.

      Hey, don’t be sad. The die off always comes in waves. One day you might feel as if you just want pop out of existence. The next day you might feel a world different.

      So you won’t have to wait for long until you can enjoy all the healthy snacks here again.

      When is it best to stick to phase 2 snacks?

      Don’t miss the 5 telltale signs that the candida diet snacks on this page would make you feel worse:

      1. You already feel bloated and your belly is tense with constant abdominal pain.
      2. You have an intense itch somewhere on your body
      3. You have a rash or discharge
      4. You are sneezing or your eyes are irritable
      5. You feel depressed, incredibly sad or anxious

      So if you experience any of these symptoms then either stick to phase 2 snacks or do a mini fast to take the load of your digestive and immune system.

      Whatever you do though make sure you rest a lot and do things that cheer you up. Having fun is so important to healing.

      Talking fun here – If you are having a good day then hey, go indulge on some sugar-free candida diet friendly treats.

      • At the end of the day Phase 3 of the Candida Diet is all about finding foods that you love that agree with you.
      • After Phase 2 where you are not allowed any carb except vegetables and brown rice this new chapter in your health journey must seem like a great relief.

      At least that’s what it felt like for me.

      To be able to eat breads (only yeast free for now of course), potatoes, grains and pasta was a real godsend for me as I find it hard to feel full without these foods.

      Why these candida diet snacks?

      This candida diet snacks selection is meant to inspire you. To give you ideas what you can snack on once you’ve gone through with phase 1 and 2 of the diet.

      Even if you haven’t started the anti candida diet yet you can at least see that there are actually quite a few really nice foods you can have on the diet.

      Knowing that you only have to abstain from eating carbohydrate rich foods for just a few weeks makes it more tangible.

      So if you are still sitting on the fence – come and make the jump.

      The faster you go through the cleanse and strict diet the faster you can enjoy sweeter foods you like again :)

      That said, even in Phase 3 the idea is of course still to stick to Phase 2 worthy snacks a lot because these are less sweet and are therefore less likely to cause a new onset of your symptoms.

      Every candida diet allows slightly different foods, which might seem confusing to you. Feel free to ask me about any ingredient that you are unsure about in the comments at the bottom of this page.

      These Sugar free Snacks are much Healthier than Bought Snacks!

      You can indulge in one of these candida diet snacks here as they are still much healthier than any treats that you could buy in a supermarket or get offered by friends and or family.

      No offence to your friends and family – they might be ninja good cooks – but hand on heart – how many sugar free snacks do they know? Well, now that you can show them this page they really can make you something.

      Or better still, show them the candida diet desserts page, which includes some cakes & puds to satisfy your sweet tooth.

      Every now and again I’ll keep adding a few more candida diet snacks to this page – So hang in there – I’ve got you covered ?

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        • Doris Anne

          July 21, 2012

          Dear Sandra…just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your
          recipes, hints, information on Candida and encouragement!! I’m in Stage 3, and after feeling chained to the restrictions of the Candida Diet for 7 months, I look forward to new recipes to try. I’m especially missing sweets ( the occasional piece of cake, pie, cookies, candy)…..and of course bread! I love your sesame soda bread, and would appreciate more recipes in these two categories especially ! Thanks again! Doris

          • Sandra

            July 24, 2012

            Brilliant, thanks for your lovely comment Doris. Being able to eat the soda bread was a huge relief for me, too. I’ll make sure that I’ll include some cake and dessert recipes in one of my next newsletters :-)