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Mark this on Your Calendar: Candida Diet Bootcamp Start Date

Are you thinking of starting the Candida diet? Have you recently been newly diagnosed with (or suspect you have Candida) or have you fallen off the diet and want to start over? Perfect, the second round of live Candida diet plan will start in a matter of weeks. Why not join and follow along? It’s always easier to do if fellow Candida dieters are rooting for you! 

Here are the important dates you need to remember:

Week 6th July  — Registration starts

Week 13th Jul   — Q&A call to ask me any questions about the boot camp & Start of 7 day Prep phase in the lead up to the boot camp.

20th July            — LEVEL 1 Boot camp starts. You’ll get access to the exclusive Facebook group “Candida Diet Insiders” and you can download the list of groceries and recommended natural supplements to get you started. Then you’ll get 14 days of support to prepare you for a weekend fast/ diet and a week of Paleo style strict Candida diet, to kick-start your healing. You’ll continue this anti-inflammatory Paleo way of eating for two more weeks or longer when the boot camp is finished.

5th Oct               — LEVEL 2 Boot Camp starts with the purpose of showing you how to start re-introducing carbs back into your diet. This boot camp runs for 14 days, making sure you know how you can easily get back on track if you ever fall off the diet (happens to the best of us!) I think by that point you’ll start to see that this way of eating is actually quite fun and varied and very sustainable (without feeling that you are depriving yourself of tasty food!)

So this is what’s happening this summer. I hope you’ll be able to follow along and use this opportunity to fine-tune your diet in case it slipped a little recently!

More about the upcoming boot camp soon :)




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