Become a Candida Diet Recipes Taste Tester!

becaome a Candida diet taste tester

It’s time to HAVE YOUR SAY WHAT GOES INTO MY RECIPES BOOK before I send the script off to the editor.

Get access to over one hundred of my best recipes — before the book is even out yet!  

Ask yourself this….

  • Do you like delicious food?
  • Are you brave enough to try my recipes?
  • Are you honest enough to tell me what you really think?
  • Can you afford the time to cook a handful of recipes and give me written feedback?
  • If the answer is yes then congratulations – you are AWESOME!

Click here to apply by filling in this quick survey

…and I look forward to contacting you back with your instructions and a copy of my new book (in pdf format).

Please be aware that there are only 15 positions available – I will make the final decision on May 2nd. It’s people like you who keep me motivated to do what I do.

Keep it classy people and see you soon!

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Candace @ Candida Free Candee April 26, 2014 at 01:28

Oh goodness I wish I could! However, I am currently following AIP and low FODMAP for gut healing so I would likely not be able to enjoy your yummy creations! =( As soon as I am better I will get my hands on a copy of your book for sure!


Sandra April 27, 2014 at 17:03

I hope you’ll feel better soon (not just so you can try my recipes…!) Sending you speedy healing wishes x


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