1982 – When I was a kid (growing up in Germany)

Sweets, sweets, sweets – sowing the Candida seeds!

What I typically ate:

  • No breakfast
  • Salami or Chocolate Spread Sandwich (refined wheat flour bread), sugary white rice pudding or white flour pancake with apple slices for lunch
  • Beef or Pork with potatoes for dinner
  • No salad, few vegetables, no wholegrain or organic foods
  • Hardly any dairy; only pasteurized low fat milk,

Typical Snacks:

  • Unlimited amounts of chocolate bars and sweets


  • Sparkling Mineral Water


  • Watching tv all the time, reading
  • Quiet, tall, unhappy and fairly chunky, yep!
  • No sport


In tip top shape (besides anxiety & depression)

Read now how my diet changed when I was a teenager:

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