Candida Diet Update 1995

1995 – When I was first living on my own

Cereal, microwave meals, cakes & cocktails – rollercoaster of emotions

What I typically ate:

  • Whole Grain bread with jam & Quark or Nutella for breaky or Fruit & Nut Wheat Cereal with Milk
  • Big Salads at Uni, White Pasta with creamy sauce, microwave meal or pizza

Typical Snacks:

  • Fruity Buttermilk, Cereal bar, chocolate milk, croissant, cake, cereal, sandwich


  • Sparkling Mineral Water, Coke light, Caffe Latte
  • (Cocktails, Weizenbier, Prosecco, Vodka Redbull, G&T… in the evening/ at weekends)


  • Not sure of myself, lacking direction, enjoying my freedom
  • Not much sport (sometimes Uni circuit training or swimming) but socially super active

Health Issues:

  • Recurring Sinus Infections; Allergies, Recurring Bladder Infections, Thrush, Mood Swings, Bloating, Depression, Anxiety, Headaches, Belly Aches

Favorite activity:

  • watching tv, reading, going out with friends

Read how my diet changed when I moved to out of the village to the City :) Cologne/ Bonn here.

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