Candida Diet Update 2004

 2004 – When I first came to the UK

Fruit, Cereal, Toast, Cakes, Booze – Excessive Sport & Enjoying the Nightlife!

What I typically ate:

  • Fruit & Nut Cereal, Muesli with dried fruit or Weetabix with cows milk
  • Toast, Pasta or Pizza

Typical Snacks:

  • Sugary yogurt, Fruit, More cereal


  • Tap Water, cider, black tea with milk


  • Partytime!
  • Ballroom dancing competition training, pubs & parties

Health Issues:

  • Recurring Sinus Infections; Hay Fever, Recurring Bladder Infections, Thrush, Mood Swings, Bloating, IBS, Thyroid Relapse, Itchy Skin

Favorite activity:

  • dancing, going out with friends, festivals
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