Candida Diet Update 2012

Adapted Candida Diet to make up for the Repercussions of the Carb Overload from previous months

Had reached a plateau in my recovery so changed my diet approach to the one below, which helped a lot!

Simplified diet, allergens removed: Less Dairy, less grains, more fish, smaller portions, more fermented veg & stronger probio, earlier meals, less stress

What I typically eat:

  • Cabbage stir fry, sesame soda bread with coconut oil, cucumber slices or grain free breaky
  • Soups & sliced boiled potato or salad with baked potato and tuna
  • Sliced boiled potato & bit of fish with handful of green vegetables (no later than 6pm – only organic meat & veg)
  • In general no dairy (except bit of feta in stir fry), lots less grains, less meats, more fish, no fruit

Typical Snacks:

  • Boiled & slice potato with steamed veg,
  • hummus and veg,
  • salad & sprouts or Sauerkraut,
  • less rice cakes


  • Volvic water, filtered tap water, acv, ginger tea, buchu & uva ursi tea (excellent for UTI)


  • Eliminating clutter, stress & distractions
  • self induced stress from long hours in front of the computer, learning new skills, online marketing

Health Issues:

  • Everything improved, only occasional Thrush and Constipation remaining as symptoms
  • I did a detox which was too radical and made me ill. I’ll go into this in more detail in next month’s update (follow blue link below).

Favourite activity:

  • 3x aerobic and yoga classes per week, internet marketing/ blogging

Read how my diet changed when I started to eliminate gluten and grains from my diet here.

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