Candida Diet Update for December – Christmas in Germany -with hol snaps!

candida diet update December 2013 

Ten Days in Germany with Hearty German Food – Christmas time!

German Christmas market

Last Month: Strict candida diet (stage 2) because of sudden eczema outbreak then ten days holiday in Lanzarote with not so candida friendly foods

This month: Fairly ok diet (stage 3) but hectic, late nights and then ten days with my family (and holiday foods!)

What I typically ate this month: Rustic Meat Dishes and lots of Sugar free Cake & Cookies


  • Before my holiday: Cabbage stir fry or ground brown rice pudding with rice milk
  • In Germany: Homemade gluten free, Spelt and sometimes even wheat sourdough bread – mostly with “Schinken” (a prosciutto style cured bacon), salami and boiled egg. Sometimes with Quark (dairy sour creme) and jam (made one with Stevia and Xylitol but mixed with regular jam as it tasted too sour).

I SO love my family’s breakfasts!!!

German breakfast with Candida friendly foods

And no, not all Germans eat cucumber slices at breakfast haha. That’s a weird habit I got into since starting the Candida Diet – it helps balance out the acidity from the sausage meat and eggs…

I baked my own breads because the choice of gluten free breads is limited and yeast free ones simply don’t exist. The one on the left is a Spelt & fried onion soda bread (Dinkelbrot in German) and the one on the right a gluten free rice bread bought as a mix in a health food shop. I also made a gluten free Teff bread, but that wasn’t so great (called Braunhirse in Germany). I also made a Sourdough bread from wholegrain wheat flour that my dad had asked for and then I ate (nice taste but I was concerned about the wheat causing me problems which thankfully it didn’t).

gluten free breads


  • At home: gluten free breads with green soups (watercress or spinach) or bone broth. Then beef stew with dumplings
  •  In Germany: Kale, Sauteed Potatoes and Hearty Pork Sausage or Sea Bream, Potatoes and Green Beans Salad or



  • at home: nada
  •  In Germany: most days none, except at Christmas: Chocolate pudding with cream (dairy and calories alert!)  

choc pud

and Red currant Vanilla Pudding

red currant pudding


  • at home: Quinoa pizza, roast chicken, salmon or rice pasta
  • In Germany:  Potato Salad and Smoked Salmon or gluten free bread with cured bacon or melted cheese “Kochkaese” (I gave in I confess! I didn’t allow myself any hard cheeses though – which was incredibly hard for me – I love Gouda…!) I also had some herring with cream and onions (my mum’s traditional New Year’s meal) 

hering with cream

 What I snacked on:

  • at home: Christmas Cookies sweetened with Stevia and Xylitol (so proud some of them turned out alright!)
  • In Germany: sheep’s yoghurt and Dickmilch (sour dairy product), nuts (brazil and salted macadamia)

not to forget the cakes!

German cakes

Oh just look at the wonderful cakes my mum made! Of the scrumptiousness – Marzipan Cream Gooseberry Cake, Apple Pie and Black Forest Gateaux cake – I only had 1/2 slice of the black forest gateaux cake as all of it was made from traditional recipes utilizing tons of sugar, refined wheat flour and dairy cream.

With the outlook of that me as the long suffering Candida victim had “FEAR” written all over my face and decided to make separate Candida friendly cakes for myself with less fruit and no sugar (just Stevia and Xylitol) and also vanilla whipped cream also sugar free – damage minimisation, hah!

Worked a treat. Ok the sugar free hazelnut cake dough seemed a bit boring so I improved it with a slice of 70% chocolate, uhm… and then made another one the next day because it was so nice ?

candida diet friendly apple cake

and I slapped a layer of vanilla pudding and cream on the stevia sweetened gooseberry cake I made for myself... delicious and yes you were counting correctly – that was three whole cakes for myself :)

sugar free gooseberry cake

The only cake that wasn’t such a success was my sugar free apple cake – you can see it in the photo above this one. The almond base had a nice flavour but it was super dry… so I ended up having cream with that too. And although it tasted nice with it’s subtly sweet vanilla flavour (no stevia after taste yay!) it was just far too rich to be consumed en masse like I did!

As you can see I ate A LOT of cake over the festive period :)

What I drunk:

  • At home: Volvic still water, ginger tea, dandelion tea and water with apple cider vinegar
  • In Germany: sparkling water, ginger tea, water with acv and also the odd cup of coffee (real roasted coffee with dairy milk – no subs and for once no racing heart – result!)  

Lifestyle/ Activities:

  • At home: Walks and once a week fitness class
  • On hols:  Daily walk and gymnastic

Health Issues this month:

Generally ok, just when I overclocked it again (think working late, eating late and too little sleep) I felt a bit nauseous and run down on two days. I think it might have been to do with the ears as well though. Dropped in some aloe ear drops and was fine again.

Repercussions from the Christmas Foods Yet? Nope!

  • In Germany I had no issues from eating all that meat and cream cake – awesome!

On my previous visits it often used not to agree with me – the meat would cause inflammation, the cream would make me feel sick and the coffee used to make me jittery. Or I would have sleep disturbances. This time the only time I felt a bit bloated was when I ate wheat bread with Sourdough and melted cheese in the evening and then had a late evening snack of pudding with lots of dairy cream – my tummy did not appreciate that (oh wonder ? Other than that – mint (as my Bristol friends would say, meaning “fantastic” :)

  • No thrush to speak of, no discomforts, no mood swings, all good. Even my skin was ok, although still sensitive and quick to itch (couldn’t wear wool, only cotton).
  • I’m also quite pleased that I didn’t get a cold although there were a lot of sniffing people on the plane and trains… A sign that my immune system seems to be on the mend! Eleven hours public transport each way is nothing to be sniffed at haha!

All in all I have never had so little repercussions from the travel exhaustion and naughty foods. Usually I always felt hungover and knackered and showed symptoms for a few days…

me in Detmold

I was “a good girl” on the German Christmas market – no Mulled Wine for me – only tea (what an awesome tea though – called Spacecookie, very good!)

I thought it was quite good to have eaten only 2 sugar christmas cookies and half a slice of a regular cake during the time I spent in Germany. I’m not counting the secret amounts of sugar that my mum hides in innocent looking foods such as salad sauces and stewed red cabbage… *sigh!*

What Supplements I took:

  • at home: Oil of oregano once a day, some days no antifungal; soilbased probiotics in the morning and the usual multi vit, chlorella and Evening Primrose and Fishoil capsules
  • on hols: soil based probio (Garden of Life – 1x daily) and a mild antigungal (thyme, garlic & Pau darco capsules called Candiclear with every overindulgent meal)

To recap what I learned/ How this Applies to You:

  • Once the Candida overgrowth is under control your body gets more and more forgiving. That means you’ll be able to cope with more stress, occasional foods containing sugar, bigger carbs portions without repercussions and you’ll get ill less often. You’ll be able to sleep better, have more energy and a more positive outlook on life.
  • You’ll lose your sweet tooth to some extent. When I did try a normal Christmas cookie and cake I found them too sweet. I actually would have preferred it with less sugar. I’m not saying a little sugar isn’t lovely but certainly not the amounts that you see in traditional recipes.

If you’d like to read some of my other Candida Diet Updates to see how certain things effected my recovery then you can view them all at one glance here or just go to the update from last month here.

Leave a comment below the sign up box to tell me how you’re getting on with your diet at the mo. What works for you, what doesn’t? And if you’d like to receive my next candida diet update, health tips or recipes by email, then sign up for updates below.

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    • angela knight

      Reply Reply January 8, 2014

      Thanks for sharing, curious to what soil based probiotics are all about? You look radiant and healthy btw :-)

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply January 8, 2014

        Thanks Angela :) I feel much better too.
        Soil based probiotics are a different strain of micro-organism, which actually lives in the earth apparently. It is beneficial to our gut flora, and a bit more heat-stable than some other probiotics that have to be kept in the fridge. These ones are fine at room temperature. One of my reader’s recommended them and I was startled at how many 5 star reviews it had on Amazon, so I tried it and they agree well with me. I used to take two a day, now only one. When I struggled with die off I used to take a stronger probiotic though. Do you take one?

    • cat

      Reply Reply January 10, 2014

      Wow – TONS of yummy looking foods! Enjoyed the photos – especially seeing what a little bit of Germany looks like, and seeing you! What a lot of work your mom did to prepare all that food – AND special desserts! Mmmm… I want to see what red currant vanilla pudding looks like – sounds wonderful! Sounds like you did remarkably well avoiding a lot more of what you wanted to avoid… you caved very little, really. Good job! I’m proud of you!

    • Sandra

      Reply Reply January 10, 2014

      Thanks so much Cat – have uploaded the Red Currant Vanilla Pud pic – just under the chocolate pudding. It was my gran’s favorite pudding and since she passed away I am eating the pudding thinking of her :-)

      Yes, I’m proud too that I hardly caved in then.

      I had some gingerbread cookies (with sugar yikes) and a bite of a dark chocolate Santa since coming back from Germany all in though and I am very annoyed at that (it’s all my uncle’s fault I’m sure ? he sent me a packet filled to the brim with Christmas cookies, marzipan chocolates… and it arrived on New Year’s eve… so I thought I could take a bite to celebrate the end of the year. Only trouble was that I left the open parcel in the kitchen to give Johnny easy access… and ended up having a bite here and there since then… Only 4 all in all over the space of ten days but they were rather huge and I’m equally as terrified as if I had drunk a can of coke, eaten an entire sugar donut, a bar of chocolate and a bag of candies. Ridiculous ?

      The parcel must go!

      I’m hoping the damage is minimal though. So far I still feel fine, I’m just paranoid. Most people demolish 4 cookies in one sitting, not in 10, but still…! I must be more cautious.

      Have you eaten anything with sugar since your recovery?

      • angela knight

        Reply Reply January 12, 2014

        Hi , in answer to question about sugar, I had a few gf mince pies, about a bottle of wine over Xmas period, potatoes, parsnip and carrot mash, a few cubes of chocolate. It seemed I was getting away with it…… But this last week some old symptoms have returned. White tongue, spasms, migraines, cravings, grumpy, thrush etc etc . I thought of you Sandra after your recent setback a few months ago . Its disheartening and I felt like I wad never gonna be free of wretched Candida. So , I have swapped AF to olive leaf extract, started mouth washing with GSE, removed all carbs, but still including brown rice to keep weight loss to a minimum, so fingers crossed will be feeling better soon. Amazing how re-kindled the cravings were, I have really struggled with them this time.
        Have any of you used Bee Pollen on this journey?
        Thanks for sharing Sandra, always useful thankyou x

        • angela knight

          Reply Reply January 12, 2014

          Ps yrs I do use a probiotic, always 20billion cultures per tablet. I tend to swap about depending on special offers. What are the soil based probiotics called please? Thanks

        • Sandra

          Reply Reply January 12, 2014

          Hi Angela, I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling so well at the moment – Candida is such an unpredictable state of affairs! One moment you feel fine the next you experience symptoms again… It sucks! From the amounts of sugar you had it is clear that it is a small relapse. But you’ll be able to undo that pretty quickly now that you are eating low carb again. Don’t be disheartened. You’ve turned it around again – that’s the only thing that matters, and you’ll be better again very soon. Keep at it!!!

    • Sandra

      Reply Reply January 12, 2014

      Btw this is the probiotic supplement I am taking:
      Garden of Life Primal Defense HSO Probiotics Formula, Caplets, 180-Count Bottle
      Hope you’ll feel better soon x

      • angela knight

        Reply Reply January 12, 2014

        Thankyou, feeling better already . Olive leaf extract has started to work, let biological war fair commence !!!! ?

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