Quick Update from me with some Holiday Snaps from Germany!

Hey, how are you? Hope life has been treating you well!

Apologies that I haven’t been in touch sooner – I went back to Germany for my mum’s 70th birthday and for my 20 year school reunion….  Ok, I also threw in a bit of adventure for good measure and spent a weekend in Hamburg (my fav city EVER!)

I visited some old friends of mine whom I hadn’t seen for 10 years, phew. Now doesn’t time fly… it’s autumn now. I can’t believe it – I somehow managed to skip summer, how did that happen?! Anyway, I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy the last summer days, and you are feeling awesome ?


Above you can see the picture I took of the view from one of the big ferries cruising along the big river Elbe that goes through Hamburg.

I played with my dear friend Nici’s cute son.

my German friend

Then I met my friend from University days (and ex dance partner haha!) for a healthy lunch in a cute little Cafe’ called “Life is beautiful!”


We also hired bicycles and cruised around the Alster lake…

bike ride Alster

…. and sat on the beach in the sunset looking out on the big ships in the distance ?

Boom, and then there was my mum’s 70th birthday… we kept it easy peasy and went for a Greek meal with her twin sister and husband.

mum's birthday

The fish I had was great and very Candida diet friendly, yet served with Zaziki which you might or might not know is full of raw garlic… needless to say I had no vampire incidents that night!


Oh and there was my 20 year school reunion of course — I made my hair curly for the occasion… what do you reckon ?

We did a tour through our old school going through several classrooms (which was a little bit creepy!)

my first classroom

The pic above shows me with another former school mate of mine, Kristina, in my very first class room where I had my first English lesson. Who would have thought at the time that I’d move to England…. not me!

coming up next

This is just a quick update to touch base with you. On Friday I’ll be sharing a recipe with you that I am rather excited about, shh… it’s a breakfast recipe, yay!  So keep your eyes out for that and be sure to look after yourself.

Healing and feeling well requires you to be physically, mentally and emotionally aligned – if there’s an imbalance in one area it tends to eventually have knock on effects on the other areas.

So just think for one moment what you can do straight away (if not tomorrow), that

  1. Gets your heart pumping
  2. Gets you in a state of flow where you are completely engrossed in a pleasurable activity
  3. Creates harmony in your life (think stress management, think putting yourself first!)

This will help you overcome Candida (so you’ll feel healthier and happier = win-win!!!)



  • Hananh

    Reply Reply September 30, 2015

    I love these! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pictures and it’s so fun to get little snippets of your adventure and see your old stomping grounds.

    • Sandra

      Reply Reply October 3, 2015

      Thanks Hannah, it means a lot to me so I’m glad that I can share it with you ?

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