Candida Diet Update September – What I ate, what supplements I took…

candida diet update September 2013

Reached another Milestone: 100% Symptom Free!


Well, to be perfectly clear — I’ve been symptom free before, but generally relapsed just a few days afterwards.

This time seems to be different. Even when I take olive leaf capsules or Oil of Oregano I have no reaction. And even when I eat choc ice cream, a sweet fruit like a peach (yes! I ate my first peach again after years of candida dieting – and it was epic!) or drink two cocktails in a row (yes, I did that last Saturday — boy was that heavenly!

passionfruit mojito

— me and my passion fruit mojito. Goodness you’ve got to drink one if you can. Put it on your bucket list!)

Even eating curry didn’t cause me symptoms. Result!

I am however cautious as after my festival indulgence last month when I was symptom free temporarily and then relapsed. That said, I did live much more un-healthily that month, and now I have been symptom free for almost two weeks and eating fairly normal.

Just to recap: This is what was going on last month:

Trying hard to get back on track after festival overindulgence with mini relapse – mood swings in the aftermath

Quite literally it felt impossible for me to get back onto the diet after giving into temptation onto a regular basis (think fruit, white bread, white pasta…) My attempt at fasting failed miserably — I didn’t even manage to eat less, let alone stay away from fruit.


What I typically ate this month:

Generally a clean stage 3 type diet high in vitamins and minerals. Only difference that I started eating tons of white rice. At first because my partner ate it, so I had a little bit, then I succumbed and made it myself because it was so quick to make… And now I’m resorting to white rice all the time. Not happy about that.

Apparently though, I have been told, white rice has plus points, too. It’s easier to digest, and if you make sure that you get your nutrients from the other foods you’re eating, that’s ok. You must have got your candida levels down to normal levels before doing that. White rice gets broken down into sugar quite quickly by your body and would feed the yeast.

vegan mofo

What also helped I guess was that I joined Vegan Mofo – which kept me busily cooking and sharing healthy plant based recipes. You can check out my “Best of Recipes and musings” here if you’re interested.

Biggest change:

I feel more light-hearted, happy and less achy then I did last month. I guess NOT having yeast infections is making ALL the difference to how I feel. Ok, I pretty much had got used to the horror, but it still prevented me from being fully relaxed.

I also swapped the high probiotics for a less strong version.


  • During the week sesame soda bread with sweet potato spread or leek and sesame spread. At the weekend Ground Rice Pudding with Apple Slices or Gluten free Porridge Oats


  • Broth or veggy soup before lunch, then a veggy bean based curry


  • Spelt bread with sweet potato spread or leek spread and sandwich with fresh tomatoes

What I snacked on:

That’s another big difference. I really cut back on snacking. I didn’t even have that many smoothies, certainly not daily.

Sure, I had the odd piece of beetroot or carrot cake or ice cream and fruit. But not quite as excessively as last month.

What I drunk:

decaf latte

I discovered decaf latte – what a revelation! None of that jittery mess that “regular coffee” turns me into. Ok, I had it only twice as a treat, but it still felt amazingly indulgent. The dairy didn’t seem to have an effect on me, good!

Other than that I drunk mostly water and dandelion tea.

Lifestyle/ Activities: More Exercise!

Getting back on track always goes hand in hand with getting more active.

sandra on a bike-tour in Cornwall

So I went to 1-2 fitness classes a week plus 2 yoga classes and occasional running.

Initially that nearly killed me — I was aching and my muscles started trembling – ridiculous! Not sure what that was all about, surely 1-2 months of being less active doesn’t cause that! Perhaps my thyroid is overactive again, or I lost weight. Anyway, it seems to get better, I feel lots fitter – not out of breath any more and able to sprint up hill.

Health Issues this month:

None! How cool is that?! I feel totally, utterly normal (bizzare!)

What Supplements I took:

  • For the first 2 weeks was rotating olive leaf capsules (twice daily), wormwood & clove drops (once a day) and oil of oregano drops (2 drops once a day).

  • Less strong probiotic (once or twice a day)

  • Magnesium (and the usual multi vit, chlorella, spirulina, linseed oil, evening primrose & fish oil)

To recap what I learned/ How this Applies to You:

Once the candida levels are down and your immune system stronger and relapses get less and less!

And as soon as you are past stage 3 of the candida diet, your immune system will get a final boost. Even when you have off days where you eat unhealthy foods you only rarely get relapses. And if so, they are gone in no time.

Mostly you’ll feel 100% well again – yay!!!


Greetings from the last days of summer here in Cornwall :)

Leave a comment below the sign up box to tell me how you’re getting on with your diet at the mo. And if you’d like to receive my next candida diet update, health tips or recipes by email, then sign up for updates below.

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  • Alie

    Reply Reply October 3, 2013

    So pleased for you Sandra! Great news!
    I have also been feeling great and pretty sure my candida levels are back in balance. I’ve been 100% plant based since January and I believe this is what has made the biggest difference for me. I’ve been eating tons of sweet fruit (especially bananas and dates) without any symptoms. YAY!
    Onwards and upwards! :) xx

    • Sandra

      Reply Reply October 3, 2013

      Hello beautiful bride :)
      I adored your wedding pics. You looked like you had a lovely honeymoon. Are you still in Italy?

      Glad you have been feeling great. I was wondering how you were – a wedding can be quite nerve racking and the food is generally not very candida diet friendly… But I think happiness goes a long way towards feeling healthy any way.
      Onwards and upwards! :) xx

      • Alie

        Reply Reply October 11, 2013

        Aww thank you so much. We had the most magical day!
        We’re back in Tunisia now but we’re off to Italy again tomorrow for a couple of weeks.
        You’re right about happiness contributing to health… It really is a great healer! xx

  • Cat

    Reply Reply October 9, 2013

    Yay! I’m so proud of you! Good job!

    Sweet potato spread? You made that? Is there a recipe? Sounds pretty good right now, as I’m heading over to the counter to make my green smoothie for breakfast. I’m adding dark chocolate cocoa powder to it these days, though. :-)

    You look lovely in Cornwall… hard to believe summer has ended already.

    • Cat

      Reply Reply October 9, 2013

      By the way…. if I had the option to eat a peach that looked as beautiful and textbook as those in your photo, I’m not sure I could stop at one! :-)

    • Sandra

      Reply Reply October 9, 2013

      Thanks so much Cat, I’d share my peaches with you :)

      Although now that I’m back in the UK it will be virtually impossible to get hold of any nice ones. Perhaps you could move somewhere with an apple orchard AND a few peach trees?! You could build an extension with a clinic for candida sufferers while you are at it ? and fly me in for some joined cooking action, yippeeh – the future is bright!!!

      Your smoothie sounds very sophisticated – I want!

      P.S. The sweet potato spread is delicious (even if you leave the tuna out ? I boil sweet pot with celery pieces in a little veggy stock (just enough not to burn, not covered) with a pinch of fennel seeds, cumin seeds and salt, pepper, tumeric, cayenne and about a tsp of dried thyme. When the sweet potato is done, just blend the lot and if necessary add a bit of unsweetened almond milk. Yum!

  • Jamie

    Reply Reply October 19, 2013

    I found your blog this morning and I am soooo glad I did! I have been following the diet strictly for the past 3 months, but I am still having symptoms. There was a few days, a couple of months ago that I was symptom free, but it didn’t last :( I have been working on this with a holistic nutritionist be lately have been feeling like I need to branch out on my own to figure this out. She said she usually finds.people ate better after 4 weeks, so it’s very discouraging to be the patient that takes the longest. It is such a relief to hear from others that are in this for the long haul.
    It’s even better to hear about the times that you have cheated, and that it hasn’t been a total setback. There is a party next weekend that I have been struggling with – I know it will be more fun if I can have a drink or two, but since I have been so good I don’t want to undo all my progress. After reading your experiences I feel like it won’t be the end of the world if I indulge – which gives me hope that I can survive this diet.

    Please keep sharing your story!

    • Sandra

      Reply Reply October 19, 2013

      Hi Jamie, thanks so much for your encouraging words. That’s exactly why I’m sharing the updates (which sometimes can feel a bit awkward to do, sort of like talking to myself haha). So I’m super glad that you are finding them useful and I’m really pleased to meet you. It is so much easier to deal with this horror with like-minded people who are going through the same thing. Come on over to my “detox buddies” group as well if you like. There are quite a few people like you and me who are following the diet and do a candida cleanse from time to time. Once again thanks for your feedback and keep in touch. Btw 3 months is nothing. You’re in good company here. Some people are in it for life. Not you though. Hope you’ll recover quickly. Btw how did you find my blog?

      Enjoy your party :) It might be a setback of a few days, but it will sure be nice to get out and about and feel “normal” again. So don’t beat yourself up if you have a drink or two. You can get back on track after the party.
      take care,

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