Fancy getting a swish Gift Hamper from me? Here’s how!


Just getting the first two mini gift hampers ready to welcome two new coaching clients into my nutrition habits world. Yay! Can’t wait to see their transformation! 

As a symbol of my gratitude and to fast-forward my new soul buddies’ health & well-being progress I am including a few essentials that have helped me on my health journey:


Two versions to choose from — gift hamper value: £25 – £35 ($31 – $42)



For the wisdom seeker who wants to lose a few pounds, get fit for having a baby or simply wants to take better care of themselves in terms of healthy food choices, quality sleep etc. 


candida diet gifts



  1. Magnesium Oil Spray — great muscle relaxant to avoid leg cramps for sporty peeps; also fab at mellowing anxiety & my secret weapon for sleepless nights — no more having to remember chalky magnesium tablets with my magical anti-stress spray! 
  2. Carob or Raw Choci Bar — sweetened with almond butter, xylitol, coconut sugar or stevia, depending on your preference — let me raid my local health food shop for you! 
  3. The Primal Pantry Coconut Macadamia or Cocoa Snack Bar — totally grain free and delicious snack bars — to sweeten your journey away from sweets, pastries and cereal bars!
  4. Not to forget the inspiring card from yours truly ? 



For the Candida warrior who is ready to once and for all get rid of their Candida symptoms and get their life back!




  1. Vanilla Stevia drops — the Candida sufferer’s or slim figure conscious person’s essential sweetener in the tool box 
  2. Carob bar — as pure as it comes, yet a godsend when you’re not allowed to eat regular chocolate!  
  3. Oil of oregano drops (one of the most effective Candida treatments on the market!)
  4. Pretty card with words of encouragement


+ both parcels will receive a delightful SURPRISE!!!! Ooh this is fun ?

Massive thanks to Alexandros Grammenos from for donating the oil of oregano supplements — a powerful Candida remedy and all natural! (It’s actually not just for Candida, you can also take it as healthy alternative to antibiotics for any bacterial or viral infection).



To qualify for receiving one of these gift hampers yourself all you have to do is book a 1 – 6 month coaching package with me this month (JULY 2017 — the coaching can begin anytime from 26th July – end of September).

At the time of writing this I still have 5 SPACES LEFT — FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! 


You don’t need to have Candida to benefit from my weekly accountability & encouragement check ins. I’ve worked with some lovely ladies helping them to Lose Weight or Get Fit for Having a Baby. They all reported pleasant side effects like feeling truly capable & nurtured, to be able to think more clearly as well as that they slept better & had loads more energy!

How would you like that for yourself?! 

—- >>> CLICK HERE to apply for coaching with me (THIS OFFER COMES DOWN ON 31st JULY 2017)

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