Candida Diet Set Backs – Tried everything, yet nothing is working?


Do you know the feeling when you hit a metaphoric wall with your diet, treatment or exercise regime and you just can’t get through it?! That’s where I was at two weeks ago.

You change your diet. You improve your lifestyle. Learn new habits. Meditate every day.

Begin the day with affirmations, visualisations, movement and fresh air. You’re taking expensive vitamins, releasing negative emotions and filling your mind with kind thoughts. You’re learning mindfulness techniques and even stop working like a lunatic, and (fill in the blanks…!)

Yet, your issues persist.

That’s what happened to me… just when I finally had overcome all my Candida symptoms…. dang!

Why am I sharing this with you?

  • Honesty & authenticity are very important to me. So, I decided to be frank with you (even though it is hard for me to publicly admit my weaknesses!)
  • I don’t want you to think that you are alone – looking at my desolate blog and Facebook group you could easily think that I have no interest in supporting you on your healing journey. But that’s not the case at all. I just didn’t have the mental bandwidth for it!

brain fog

What was happening? (my symptoms)

For quite a while my brain did not function properly. It was scary. It made me feel helpless, embarrassed and angry, and it impacted me negatively everywhere in my life. I lost business opportunities and friends over it, and it almost cost me my relationship of twelve years.

I could not think very well — thinking literally made my brain hurt.

I could not easily make decisions, reflect, remember. Not like in a ‘Candida brain fog sugar high’ kind of way, more in a ‘brain not operational system breakdown’ kind of way.

All important cognitive functions were impaired, and when I did have a good day and tried to make up for lost time I generally experienced a migraine type headache/ hangover the next few days with excruciating nerve pain behind one of my eyes.

I had stopped taking painkillers like Ibuprofen a long time ago because they aggravate your gut, and after everything I had to do to fix my gut, I really didn’t want to take any risks!

don't put up with crap

I generally have a big tolerance for pain and can endure a lot of suffering. But I got to say this constant ‘dagger in the eye’ sensation was getting to me, because I often could not read, work, watch tv… I was just stuck in my head, with the pain 24/7. This was going on and off for many, many months, causing me to feel depressed at times.

How that affects you

Answering emails or Facebook messages often felt like a maths exam to me. Like a big operation. So naturally I have been avoiding more and more tasks, hoping with rest my brain would get back to normal. But since I haven’t had much rest and I worried over it, I became so charged that even when I wanted to relax my mind couldn’t shut off, and I was finding it hard to go to sleep, and I practically never woke up feeling rested.

Naturally in that state mistakes happen which doesn’t exactly boost your confidence. So, instead of running my usual Spring time 21 days Candida Cleanse, I have been keeping a low profile. Can you blame me? It would have been better to have been open about it with you of course.

But I felt so stupid, vulnerable and insecure – after all ‘maybe there was something seriously wrong with me’…

I investigated 5 potential causes for me feeling so low:

  • adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, pre-menopause stuff, heavy metal poisoning and neurotransmitter issues

As a first step I got a hair mineral test done

Interestingly the test revealed multiple mineral deficiencies — you can see the low levels in the image above, especially magnesium, which I had still been taking once a day alongside a weekly Epsom salts bath (rich in magnesium) – it just goes to show even when you think you live super healthily, it might still not be enough… and can apparently lead to indecision, emotional withdrawal and even sensitivity to noise (that was me all over!)

Candida and depression

Some ratios were out of whack too manifesting themselves in stress burnout symptoms like fatigue and depression.

Not to forget the sleep issues (I haven’t been sleeping well for years. No snoozing or getting back to sleep. I just pass out and then periodically wake up like a bolt. Not good.


But I’m just glad that finally there is a simple bio-chemical explanation for what was happening to me, and what a relief to know that my symptoms will hopefully easily go away once I filled up my mineral reserves again (fingers crossed!) I’ll try it for 90 days and see what happens.

I’m already feeling a lot better, and if I can, so can you!


I had a lot of focus, memory, mood & sleep problems as well as frequent migraines this past year. So, if you didn’t hear from me, that’s one of the major reasons why!

Having done a hair mineral analysis test has given me the insight that mineral deficiencies might be to blame for my symptoms. I am in the process of correcting these deficiencies over the next 90 days by taking different specifically formulated mineral supplements.

If you have hit a healing plateau and are currently struggling with your health, then don’t make the same mistake as I did that you hide away and suffer in silence. Ask for help and get some tests done if you can to have more clues what is going on. In any case, stay calm and rather than expecting the worst, have faith that your issues can be resolved easily just be tweaking a few things!

You deserve clarity, well-being & piece of mind. Chin up, you’re awesome!

Take care,


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    1. This past year I too have not have an easy time. First of all, my husband has Alzheimer’s. Last summer he had a procedure and found he has cancer in his bladder. The urologist removed it, but it returned. Since he is is 84, we have decided to not do any more procedures and keep with constant check ups.
      I broke my foot a year ago and not continued on my exercise program, in turn have gained weight. I find myself more often getting depressed and not being able to get out of it. I am currently on antidepressants. I really don’t know what to do.

      • My heart goes out to you. That is a lot to deal with by anyone’s standards! Do not give up though. Our bodies have miraculous healing abilities. Sending you and your husband best wishes to get well quickly (and permanently!)

    2. True, true, true. Additionally, genetics play a huge role, too. I just had a genetics lab done (Genomix) which definitely confirms some things we (my nutritionist, PCP and I) already knew and/or suspected: Must be gluten-free, no way around it. It’s in my genes. Inflammation an issue – something that, for me, is not something I feel… I’m just told that it’s a problem, and my genes indicate that. Histamine intolerance – bug bites take weeks and weeks to get better, itchy skin… the worst part is the histamine intolerance diet because I wasn’t prepared for it, but after the candida diet… well, it’s a given that I have certainly learned to adapt to several elimination diets since that one. I already knew from another genetic lab test that my body doesn’t methylate B vitamins and folate. This one confirmed it in more ways than one. The corresponding nutrient study I had done with the genetic study also confirms that my B-2, B-6, B-12 are low or borderline. The crazy thing is, like you said Sandra… We can be taking all these “good” supplements and expect that they are being used by our bodies, when in reality, they may be of no benefit, really, at all if our bodies can’t use what we are taking. Oh – and THIS takes the cake: I learned from this genetic study that my body doesn’t even have the capacity to build up good bacteria populations, not even when I take probiotics every night! I still have several months ahead of me to figure out everything that I need to do to work around the way my body was created. It’s always helpful to have someone with whom to commiserate. Thanks for always being there for me, Sandra!

      • My, my, my! You and me continue to make a good team haha. Between us we have it all covered! I dread to think what results I’d get if I did the tests you did… I could certainly forget my newly started weekly Sourdough bread feasts… I still got the 5 site microbiome test sitting here waiting for me too. So good of you to do this comprehensive test. I take it you had them check the mitochondria and neurotransmitters too? I’d love to have all that info. I hope it will be the final missing link in clearing your health issues up xo

    3. Ha! Another note… sorry to take up space! Just reading your results more closely. We really need to compare our labs with each other! I so totally relate to the poor sleep, but didn’t realize it was characterized as insomnia! I’m supposed to take Ca/Mg, also. I am still struggling with my thryoid, but that is a whole ‘nother issue. I recently learned that the protein powder I’ve been using since 2011 is heavily laden with LEAD (protein powders, baby foods, pet foods have already been investiated, with more studies on the way – I think even for supplements… See My hair analysis indicated elevated lead and mercury that was off the charts. Another protein powder I used for a while is high in BPAs – endocrine blockers! I’m now checking everything that I buy on the Environmental Working Group website to see if personal care items are safe to use. They also publish, seasonally, which fresh foods/produce are safest to use based on pesticides, etc. They have a phone app to look up hair care, lotions, etc. (called Healthy Living by EWG) to see if they are safe. It really takes a long, long time to shop, and… don’t we all keep hoping for the best? I’m sorry you are going through this, Sandra… Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      • Absolutely, we must compare our results. I have lots more data, I did another blood test too. That only flagged Vitamin D deficiency… again contributor to depression and immunological problems. The plot thickens. Thanks so much for chiming in and for your encouragement, openness and useful info. You’re awesome! By the way, how much is a NutriGenomics test? I checked their site but you have to create an account, and I didn’t want to do that seeing that it’s in the US…

    4. Sandra, just want to send lots of love and hope that you soon feel better. You’ve helped me so much with your Candida diet plan. Sorry you are so low and I really hope that you will have some improvement soon ? x

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