7 Candida Snacks that You really can’t Live Without in Phase 2 of the Candida Diet

Here’s a list of some popular Candida Snacks for phase 2 of the Candida Diet:

It’s only the start – if you want to see all the recipes including photos go to the candida snacks page.

  1. Crunchy Coconut Snack with Rice Milk

  2.  Coconut Yogurt Snack

  3. Fried Egg Snack

  4. Avocado

  5. Mixed Salad

  6. Boiled Eggs

  7. Red bell pepper

  8. Chilled Cucumber Slices

  9. Tuna Snack with Lettuce


Not quite what you’d expect when you hear the word “snack”. But as our goal is “maximum healing, no sugar” you’ll have to learn to snack on things purely for their health benefits rather than for their scrumptious flavour.

Armed with these healthy snacks you at least won’t need to worry about being constantly hungry. They will help you heal so you can eat “real snacks” as soon as possible.

“Phase 2” means that these foods are even suitable for the strictest “no sugar, no carb diet” (just like during phase 2 of the Candida Diet).

If you are curious – here are some more phase 2 snacks.

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