The Candida Solution Book – Now Available as Paperback!

acd book on Amazon

That’s right – you can read the supporting book for – on your kindle as well as holding it as paperback in your hands.


It is lightweight and very portable – you can literally read it in one sitting – and you’ll have all my up-to-date Candida know-how in a format that you can go back to for easy reference whenever you are unsure what to eat or how to treat your symptoms (without the need for a pc or internet connection!)

A quick overview of what’s included in the book:

  • 4 handy food plans of what you can and can’t eat in each stage of the Candida diet
  • an example of treatment dosages for the main natural antifungal meds
  • a list of home remedies for typical Candida symptoms
  • genuine advice from someone who has already gone through the diet

What Readers Have Said About this Book:

  • This guide is one of the few comprehensive aids with tackling the candida diet in a simple, approachable format. It’s not overwhelming, but very thorough and informative. I highly recommend it!
  • This book helps you understand candida and guides you step by step through the healing process. A brilliant read with links to fabulous recipes for all stages. This is an extremely useful book for everyone even if you don’t have candida as there are tips and advice you never knew about!
  • I read this book because I have food allergies and have felt ‘below par’ for a long time now, having tried various diets in the past I wondered whether it was Candida related. This book was really easy to read. It contains all the information to get you started with the Candida diet and a handy food list of what’s allowed to eat on the diet. I can’t wait to try more of the delicious recipes on her blog – who says diets have to be boring!

Signed off by Two Naturopaths:

Having run the info in the book past two naturopaths I am confident that the Candida diet approach I’m promoting in the book is a sound one.

So if you are struggling with Candida the book might give you the nudge you need to get better. You can buy the Candida diet solution from Amazon (US edition), the Amazon store in England (UK edition) or from any other Amazon shop.

P.S. If you do read it and kindly leave an Amazon review for it (in which case I love you forever!!!) – do let me know that you’ve done that so I can thank you. Amazon doesn’t notify me of new reviews.


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