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Typical signs of a Candida overgrowth (commonly known as a yeast infection) include sneezing and dry, sensitive eyes and are no different from a cold or hay fever.

If you are in good health and your immune system is strong, you’ll likely experience only a localized infection of the skin or mucous membranes of your body. The most well-known type of Candida symptom in women is probably thrush and will leave you feeling groggy.

Other common Candida symptoms include redness, itchiness and discomfort in the affected area.Typically, infections of the nose, sinuses, throat area right down to the stomach, digestive organs and genitals. Basically it thrives on places that are warm and moist.

Candida Symptoms of Systemic Candida Sufferers

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If you’ve been very ill or your immune system has deteriorated due to a prolonged period of stress, you might experience what is called Systemic or Chronic yeast infections.

The general characteristics of this type of Candida are the same you just have lots of Candida symptoms which have become chronic over time.You might have inflammations on your skin as well as the sinuses and your bladder or sexual organs. In severe cases even the brain and the heart get infected. That’s why it generally takes longer to get rid of all the Candida symptoms for people who suffer from Systemic Candida.

The fact that Candida problems can occur everywhere in your body makes it difficult to diagnose even by medical doctors. It’s unfortunate that millions of people suffer for years from all kinds of Candida symptoms which could have been avoided through a proper diet.

Testing yourself for Candida overgrowth

There is no reason to suffer when you can simply do some home testing to see if you have any symptoms of Candida.

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  • Extended Form – CandidaMain
    • Hi Susan,

      have you just started the candida diet? I’m only asking because the guidelines what you can eat are a lot stricter at the start of the diet as opposed from say in phase 3 when your immune system has got stronger.

      Biltong is made from red meat which takes a long time to get fully digested, and therefore encourages fermentation and yeast-growth in the gut. That’s why it’s not the ideal candida diet food.
      That said if you only enjoy it as a snack occasionally I wouldn’t worry about it. Try to find what ingredients were used to make it though. If lots of salt, vinegar and sugar were used then better avoid it for some time.

      You can eat small amounts of mozzarella from phase 3 onwards if it agrees with you. In phase 2 I’d stay away from practically all dairy because of the natural sugar it still contains.
      If you are eating out and it’s either mozzarella and tomato salad or pizza then opt for mozzarella – damage minimization…

      Green apples do unfortunately contain fruit sugar and are generally not allowed on the candida diet.
      I personally believe you can enjoy a few slices of green apples, some blue berries or half a grapefruit, every once in a while – as a treat, say every couple of weeks or once a month. If the rest of the time you stick to the diet consistently then vitamins and enjoyment outweigh any potential negative effects in my eyes.

      So, just to summarize: Eating these foods on a regular basis might prolong your candida problems.
      But if you generally eat healthily as best as you can then you can occasionally snack on things like biltong, green apple or mozzarella; as long as they don’t make your symptoms worse.

      Hope you’ll get better soon. Feel free to ask me any other questions you might have – that’s what I’m here for 😉

  1. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and also Candida . I believe I have had Candida for quite some time and now it’s manifested to the point of needing thyroid medication . I have a great Doctor who suggested Olive Leaf, Oil of Oregano , Grapefruit extract , Acidophiles, but the endocrinologist wants me on Syntroid , which I am fighting to start . What are your feelings on controlling Candida versus thyroid medication .

    • Hello my friend. Hashimoto’s disease and Candida can go hand in hand.

      I truly believe that I would not have had Hashimotos if I hadn’t had candida undetectedly for so many years. The disease was simply wearing my poor thyroid out. Now sadly I went through the whole endocrinologist’s medication shebang because I had no idea about the underlying cause. Had I known about candida I had tried the natural approach. I actually had a thyroid overactivity relapse and went back on the medication again a few years later. So don’t think if you take the thyroid medication now it will be over for good. It can come back!

      Those kinds of medications have also got far reaching side effects. Mine for instance made my skin extremely sensitive which led to several years of eczema problems.

      Without knowing how bad your condition is and bearing in mind that I am not a doctor I feel inclined to recommend you to work with a naturopath to bring your hormone levels in order. Just reducing the toxic overload in your system from the candida will take a big burden off your thyroid and immune system. So you might not need any endocrinological medication after all. How wonderful would that be!

      There are also fantastic herbs and natural remedies to regulate how your thyroid works, relaxation techniques to manage stress levels, certain foods that inhibit thyroide activity or boost it… So if like you say you have a great doctor who supports you in following the natural approach it’s well worth giving this a shot first. Controlling candida symptoms is key to a healthy thyroid.

      All my best,

  2. Hi Sandra,
    I’m at wits end – I just delivered my second son and three days before delivery my body became racked with hives or probably PUPPS. The doctors told me it would go away with delivery but seven days post partum it is still raging. I put myself on the candida plan just yesterday – and it seems as if the hives actually got worse – I’m guessing this could be normal with the die off symptoms? Any hope you can offer as to when these hives may start clearing up and I might find some relief – the itching is unbearable! Would love your advice and input!
    Thanks, Beth

    • Hi Beth, I’m feeling for you – itchy skin can totally drive you crazy.
      I cannot even begin to imagine how stressful this must be with a new born baby as well. From my experience skin inflammations always get worse when starting on the candida diet before they are getting better.

      Here are a few things that have helped me when my skin flared up:

      – Make yourself a big flask of fresh chamomile flowers tea and drink it all throuout the day
      – Make sure that you also drink lots and lots of good quality still water – You want to flush out whatever is upsetting your system internally as quickly as possible.
      – Most importantly you need to calm down your body – inside and outside. So deep breathing, yoga, listening to relaxing music or guided meditation and minimising stress are super important.
      – Just as much as avoiding foods that promote inflammation. Avoid eating meat (particularly red meat) eggs, coffee, highly spicy food and sugar at all costs.
      – Eating oily fish or taking fish oil supplements is very good, so is eating lots of veg, leek, onions. This will help to take the redness out of your skin to calm it down. Eating cooling foods like cucumber, as boring as it sounds, is a god send when your skin is going crazy. Eat plenty of it.
      – Initially to stop the itch it can be beneficial to take antihistamins but I don’t know if that is perhaps not advisable if you are breast feeding.
      – Try NOT to scratch (I know it’s incredibly hard not to…!)
      – Drinking aloe vera before meals is helpful. It’s also soothing as moisturiser (especially if you put it in the fridge).

      Be patient, giving birth is a shock to your system and very stressful. So it’s quite normal that your body is out of kilter for quite a bit afterwards. It’s natural to feel alarmed by it but try and focus on doing things that calm you down and that you enjoy. And go easy on the diet. Perhaps just eat a bit healthier and lighter than you would normally do, giving your body time to adjust to the changes.
      Hope this helps.
      Ps: Congratulations to your baby boy 🙂 All the best for you

  3. Thank you so so much – I’m going to give your advice a try and hopefully we will see some positive results soon:) I so appreciate you spending the time to answer and help.

  4. I believe I have systemic yeast. I DO have most symptoms I find listed on every site I look at! I was feeling like a crazy, unstable hypochondriac until I started my own research. I so appreciate others experiences as often they are similar to mine.
    Lately, I’ve been crazy with anxiety. Today I found another site which others were experiencing similar levels to mine. This doesn’t seem like it is addressed often enough… or understood. I think it’s interesting that I recently changed my probiotic to a much stronger strength. Until the increase, the only die off symptoms were a few break outs and feeling sad occasionally and usually in the evening- which I blamed on craving sweets. I was getting increasingly frustrated because I was expecting to get “sick” from die off and I was only continuing with the fatigue which seems to have become my longest and largest symptom for several years. I’ve also had heart palpitations, night sweats, disturbed sleep, thyroid issues, skin and nail fungus and hair loss long before I ever began my candida diet. (Start date was July 22.)
    I realize now that a better probiotic has given a kick start to die off that the rest of my anti-fungal- vitamin- supplement regiment wasn’t touching. What I didn’t realize until today was ANXIETY is a symptom of die off.
    Please everyone, be kind to yourself through this process! I’ve been kicking myself for my lack of energy, foggy thinking, lack of focus and anxiety. I’ve been a saint on this diet- no cheating- not even a breath mint. I read every label- ever since I found there is more than tuna in a can of tuna, LOL. I will continue to believe the few testimonies of when this is through, I will feel amazing!!!

    • Hi Sally, I’m glad you mention Anxiety as a typical Candida Symptom – I totally agree. I personally have had real panic attacks and also felt inexplanably sad at times – definitely die off symptoms. Sometimes you only realise it once the symptoms subside. For years for instance I believed I was depressed, but really it was just the yeast playing havoc with my emotions. This is very hard to fathom for candida sufferers just as much as for the people living with them. But it really helps to share experiences just like yours and encourage each other to keep following the diet.

      And I can definitely vouch for the fact that the brain fog, anxiety, night sweat… you mentioned all go away as soon as the yeast count has gone down to a manageable level. To this day I am still amazed and almost waiting for the symptoms to come back, but fingers crossed they’ll stay away for good.

      Hope you’ll see a marked improvement, too, soon.

  5. I’ve always had digestive problems and doctors never find anything wrong with me they just give me the usual things for an upset stomach but its not just my stomach that bothers me, I can feel it in my intestines too and lately I’ve been feeling really sick and just can’t take it anymore because it is affecting me in school so I’ve been searching all over too see what could be the cause of my problem and well everything that is wrong with me that I’ve searched has ultimately led me to Candida which I had no idea existed. As i kept reading more and more about it and looking at the symptoms I realized that this is definitely my problem and when I talked to my parents about it they told me that when I was little I had this problem and the doctors even diagnosed it. I never knew about this because my parents had forgotten about it even though I’ve struggled with digestive problems all my life! so you see why I am so set on this condition being the issue. On one hand I hope I’m right because this is really taking over my life and I need to find an answer to why I feel so weak all the time and just overall feel like something isn’t right, but on the other I’m worried that i cant do the diet because I LOVE FOOD!! i have a bad sweet tooth and eat sweets and candy everyday, pretty much every food I’m not supposed to eat on this diet is what I love to eat and usually eat on a daily basis. I want to give this a try but I noticed that the first week says you have to fast….how does that work? I’ve never fasted before and I cannot live off of water alone for even a day…

    • Hey Hade,
      don’t despair, I’m just like you – I LOVE FOOD! That’s a good thing. You can use that to your advantage.

      If you love food you’ll have the drive to find foods and recipes that really nourish you, leaving you happy and energized. Granted, there are times when your body has to adjust to new foods. But you can do this gradually. Particularly if, like you say, you are eating a lot of the wrong foods on a daily basis at the moment. No need to launch yourself into a full on fast. That’s way to radical.

      Just slowly replace a few sugary foods with filling healthier alternatives.

      • Eat wholemeal pasta instead of white pasta, preferably rice pasta or soba noodles.
      • Eat oat porridge instead of cereals.
      • Eat brown rice pudding with rice milk and cinnamon as snack (so good for you, filling, comforting and really yummy!). So good in fact you could have it for breakfast.
      • Snack on seeds, nuts, probiotic yoghurt.
      • Make wholemeal pancakes instead of your usual snacks….
      • Or try a few smoothies for an afternoon boost of energy.
      • That’s a great start. When you feel the time is right, chill out at the weekend and have wholesome soups and stews at the ready or do a semi fast day where you just eat soups and rice. That’s also easy on the tummy.

        That way you won’t feel starving, but you’ll still take a load of your digestive system. Just take your time. You’ll feel better for eating more organic, wholesome stuff.

        Then you can take it to the next level with eliminating foods and tackling the candida issue. Regardless if candida is the cause for your symptoms, you’ll definitely feel massively better for giving your digestive system a bit of an overhaul.

        In the meantime, do you love baking? Then why not bake your own bread? There’s a few really quick recipes on my blog you might find useful. A good home made bread is fun to make and keeps you full for longer. I’d also recommend you regularly eat fish.

        Right, lots of food for thought for you 🙂
        Have a great weekend,

        P.S. Here’s a page with more info about the “fast” btw.

  6. I am new to the Candida world. A friend just posted some info about it on facebook a few days ago and when I read it a light shown down from above and I heard music. I have gone to a doctor for at least 4 years because I was fatigued to the point I could fall asleep driving, I had horrible memory problems to the point of forgetting what I was saying in mid-sentence and libido was gone. I was 33 when I first went to the doctor but I believe my symptoms started when I was in my early 20’s.
    Naturally, my doctor told me I was depressed and my blood work showed I had the Epstein Bar Virus. I was also told I had chronic fatigue and went through a sleep study which showed I have restless leg. Last year my husband and I both started a diet we did for 10 1/2 months which was 0 carbs and a lot of protein with one day of free eating and not counting carbs a week. (I’m not over-weight I did it in support of my husband) Let’s just say I felt a lot better on that diet and did really well not realizing until now that that was the best thing for what I have come to realize is a candida over growth.
    I could go on for hours about how excited I am to get my life on track. I have 3 children and most of their life I have been so tired and it has been so frustrating taking medicine after medicine thinking it would help and nothing. The doctor said she was going to have to send me to a psychologist because she couldn’t understand why the medicine wasn’t working. I always told my husband that I don’t understand why my brain won’t work and why I’m so tired. I’m not that old yet.
    I wish my doctor would have just mentioned something about Candida.
    I have 12 of the symptoms listed above, I’m so ready to be myself again. Thank you for posting so much information to help me on my journey!

    • Hello Karrie,
      sorry for the late reply, how are you now? I hope you have seen an improvement in your symptoms. It certainly sounded encouraging that you responded so well to the diet you were following with your husband. I totally get what you are saying about feeling so tired all the time and not understanding why your brain isn’t working. It is the most frustrating thing ever, as if your body is disconnected from you. And especially if your doctors don’t know what’s going on, how are you meant to know… The main thing is that you can get better, slowly but gradually! It is hard with 3 kids that want to be fed “Candida un-safe food”… but at least you will soon have more energy to deal with their demands. Please do keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on. It will be so nice to get your life back. I am keeping my fingers crossed that your recovery is as quickly and smoothly as possible. All my best,

    • Hi Karrie, sorry for the late reply — I know exactly how you must have been feeling! It’s high time you got your life back 🙂
      It’s not always easy to follow the diet when you have kids. But just take one day at a time. You can do this! Soon your foggy brain will be a thing of the past…! Have you started on the diet yet? How are you getting on? All my best, Sandra

  7. Hi Sandra,
    I was diagnosed about 15 years back, of candida. I had my prescriptions and felt better but early last year it all came back and I have been fighting with chemical drugs all to a temporary effect. I developed bartholin’s cyst and then this year I noticed my libido dropped, and I kept getting this vaginal trush that would go and come back and it got all so frustrating, I started noticing I felt heavy around my pelvic region so I went For a scan and was told they found a fibroid and an ovarian cyst and P.I.D. Ok! But somehow I felt twas all the yeast’s doing (I don’t know how possible that is). I ran an std test n came out free. I decided to do a ginger and garlic juice therapy and last Saturday, I felt crappy. Really sick. I stopped the garlic. My question is, could yeast actually cause all the issues? P.I.D, bartholin cyst(uninfected), ovarian cyst, and fibroid and what do I do?

    • Hi Ella,
      so sorry to hear you are suffering — sounds very much what I went through. They even discovered precancerous cell changes in my vagina that had to be removed surgically, and I am convinced that Candida played a huge role in setting the stage for that!
      Garlic is super strong so I’m not surprised you felt sick from the juice therapy. There is a lot of scientific research supporting the idea that Candida causes an acidic cell environment that can attract a whole host of health imbalances, hormonal imbalances being a major one which seems to have been the case for you too. The thing to do what be to follow a gentle Candida diet protocol and over time rebuild your immune system. It’s not an overnight process, but it will stand you in good stride all your life. See if you can find a functional medicine doctor who understands Candida to support you on your journey so you won’t have to continue with chemical drugs that undermine your immune system further.

  8. This blog presents as being honest and open, so on that note, on occasions my urine smells quite different to usual, I first noticed it when I first started taking probiotics. I put it down to die-off ? Any thoughts on this ? Thankyou Angela

    • Hi Angela, no worries, you can ask me anything ? You’re right – it’s part of die off to experience funny smelling urine and also darker colour.

      Make sure that you are drinking lots of water to aid the process as this can also be a sign of dehydration. Keep an eye on it though, because candida can also trigger cystitis/ bladder infections. Uva Ursi tea helps with that.

      In general though, it’s normal, so hang in there, it will pass.

  9. Hello Sandra, I have looked for a site like yours for 2 years. I cough and spit mucous up each am and after each meal for close to 3 years now. Recently I found a np that gave be fluconazole however the symptoms moved to become thrush after I finished the meds. I am currently using nystatin in hopes it clears up. I have been on the candida diet for 6 weeks however I did cheat once. It has been so long now that it is very tiring & frustrating. I want to Thank You for all the info. as I continue the fight. I was wondering which supplements have helped you & also how often you are taking probiotics?

  10. Hello Terri, I’m glad you found me ? Thanks for your lovely comment. It’s great that you have already been following the candida diet for six weeks, that will have kick-started you immune system. The mucous coughing is a typical sign of a fungus infection. I have suffered from that badly, too. It’s very unpleasant indeed. What helped me a lot was drinking natural apple cider vinegar in water first thing in the morning and with every meal and also drinking freshly brewed ginger tea. Diet wise it made a real difference not to have cheese, milk or yoghurt. That is of course hard to do… Don’t be too hard on yourself for cheating once. It happens… Just keep doing what you are doing and you will gradually get better. Olive leaf extract and Oil of oregano have helped me the most. I rotated them every 5 days. But I also took a Wormwood and Clove complex and caprylic acid at times with good results. I take probiotics twice daily. I started not taking any but relapsed a little (more due to the sugary food choices I made…) so now I’m back on the probiotics.
    All my best,

  11. Hiya Sandra , I think I have got systemic candida overgrowth because I feel tired and fatigue all the time, got joint and body pain ,all the time , chronic constipation , gum and mouth problem like inflammation in between the cheek and gums . Cold hands and feet ,bloaty and gassey all the time , inflammation from mouth to all down my digestive track , for the last 6 years. I had a sweet tooth from childhood up until 2007 when I became very ill with these symptoms which crept up one day and is still suffering with these symptoms even know . Don’t know where to start from and what supplement to take and for how long .please help

  12. Hi Jasmin,

    you poor thing! Judging from what you are saying you indeed have a systemic case of Candida but I think you’ll recover fairly quickly – in a matter of months rather than years and you’ll feel lots better even sooner than that. Here’s how to get started.

    Hope you’ll get better soon. All my best,

  13. Hope U don’t mind me “piping up ” . Lots of January Candida diets going on .
    I found the beginning really hard and overwhelming. After reading lots in the subject, I chose to stick to one web site, Sandras being the one, as lots of different ideas just created confusion. I still get overwhelmed at times , but feeling so many benefits. Eg flexible and pain free joints, acne gone, pmt minimal, bloating gone, clearer thinking, more energy, stable blood sugars, regular toilet habits, feel lighter (coz I am ? ) . What I am saying is “its worth it ” and you can feel better and not resigned to feeling under par for the rest of your life! ?

    • Gosh you are SO lovely ?
      I wish I could hug you!

      Thanks for being so supportive and sticking with it. Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re 100% well ALL the time even when eating things that you you can now only dream of… It will happen… and it will be totally awesome!!! Keep at it – you’re making great progress.

      Btw – I’m looking into adding a forum onto my website so you can exchange experiences with every one.

  14. Hi Sandra,

    I just am getting over the H1N1 sickness and it affected my mitral valve a little bit and it’s acting up now for two weeks since getting sick. I know I have candida, I did the biofeedback a few months ago and had 6 different types show up on my scan. I have felt very tired and sinus issues. Kidneys, bladder, all that is good. My progesterone is low, only found out because I am trying to get pregnant and it hasn’t happened. So that’s why I went to this homeopatic dr. The reg doctors want to do all kinds of different things, that mask the problem and have side effects. Eeek! Like Clomid for increasing progesterone. I am wanting a more natural approach to getting rid of the candida, and becoming healthy, diet changes have been a process even before I found your website!

    I started making my our sourdough breads gluten free, I didn’t realize the chocolate I needed to cut out until I’ve read your stuff! Yikes. I need help and am a beginner. Can I do something while I’m pregnant (hopefully will be soon) to start doing this the right way? I am open to suggestions on what to do first. I have the supplements and will start them all since you said it’s safe/normal.

    I want the best for my body and was so encouraged reading your blog. No wonder you have so many followers. ? You are doing ministry right here to reach a lot of people. Thank you for your efforts.

  15. Hello sunshine, you are lovely ?
    Thank you for your support.
    My advice would be not to try and get pregnant while you are cleansing. The candida cleanse will be quite strenuous on your system and bring old illnesses and toxins up inside your body, cause anxiety… you don’t want your baby to be affected by that. If you decide to have the baby first and then try and get rid off the Candida that’s fine. Just bear in mind that babies easily get a yeast imbalance themselves if their mother at birth had this issue. Breast feeding again is such an issue. If on the other hand you were truly well when you get pregnant then the baby would have a much much stronger immune system.

  16. Have you ever heard of this diet helping someone who has seizures? I know for certain this is my issue and I just don’t know where to start, with all the diets available, its hard to identify which to follow and what to do along the way.

    • No, I’m sorry I haven’t. I totally understand your confusion though. It is difficult to know what to do when there are conflicting bits of information everywhere. A good starting point is a holistic approach that looks at your body as a whole to see where the root cause for your problems lie. I hope you’ll find a specialist who can help you. It makes such a difference not to have to go the healing journey alone… All my best, Sandra

  17. Can you expect symptoms to worsen a bit when you start the candida diet? Such as more itching, discomfort, stinging. I just began the diet eating only fresh organic vegetables, including onions, zucchini, broccoli and at before I began it, I sensed it was getting better as the skin legions were getting lighter and less pronounced, but with the treatment I am doing, apple cider baths, eating appropriately, it seems sometimes to be more uncomfortable.

    • Yes, usually Candida symptoms get worse before they subside. It can be very confusing and demoralising… That’s why it’s so important not to eat any sugar so you can be more confident that you are not doing anything to encourage new yeast growth.

  18. I wonder if you can advise me. I was diagnosed with Rosacea two years ago. I believe I have had it at least 4 years. My doctor told me all he was prepared to offer was indefinite use of antibiotics. He wouldn’t even discuss any other treatments or diets and said that was up to me. I have since tried eliminating many foods including gluten, dairy, nightshades and legumes. Earlier this year I found your site and started the candida diet on May 2nd. I did not do the fast because I have four kids and two jobs so fasting isn’t an option. It is now Aug 6th and although my facial redness is reduced and I no longer have flushes or skin that is sore and burning I still have vivid red patches on my cheeks, forehead and chin. I have seen a different doctor who says there is no test for candida, he tested me for Lupus but I assume that was negative as I have heard nothing since. I have been taking many anti fungals and I have stuck to the diet rigidly until last week on holiday when I allowed myself some potato, an easy peeler and a few slices of apple. I am feeling really disheartened. I know that there is no known cure for rosacea but I had hoped that I had found something that would work. Should I carry on or am I wasting my time?

    • Hi Sharon, good to hear from you, and well done for following the diet so religiously, that’s awesome! I wouldn’t worry about the small incident of eating a bit of potato and apple. We are all only human! I can totally relate why you are feeling disheartened. I felt disheartened too many times on my recovery journey. The thing you have to understand is, getting well is not a linear process. You’ll heal a bit, new issues pop up, you’ll heal a bit, you’ll reach a plateau, you may even slip up and eat some really bad foods that cause you a flare up, then you might get back on an even keel with your health regime and feel better. Patience is the key. And you’ll also have to differentiate between alleviating Candida infections and healing Rosacea itself. You may have made great progress with controlling Candida, but you may not have found the right healing approach to calm the inflammation in your body. One thing is for sure though, just following the Candida diet and taking antifungals cannot heal your gut. You will have to take specific gut healing herbs for that. It doesn’t happen on it’s own and it takes time. So in my eyes it is worth following a gut healing diet protocol and either working with a gut health specialist or someone like me who took their health into their own hands and managed to alleviate their symptoms. You would definitely benefit from following a holistic healing approach, taking into account your whole body, not just looking at Candida or Rosacea as one culprit, without at the same time rebuilding your immune system so your body is strong enough to deal with the inflammation.

  19. Hi Sandra,
    I came across your site a few weeks ago, and have received emails with excellent advise. I have
    also joined your 30 day email course.
    I did email you my situation, but to recap. I am 73 and had severe health problems for over 25 years
    with ME/Fybro manifesting itself with Chronic Pain and CFS. I also have severe Tinnitus,Psoriasis and
    did suffer a bout of Candida about 10 years ago.
    I have been on a sugar free diet for several years and eat healthly. I am fortunate to have a loving wife of 53 years who spends hours cooking which means I eat nil or very little processed food.
    I began to suspect my Candida had returned at the beginning of August and did a spit test. The strings hit the bottom of a pint glass of water in about 5 seconds. I visited my Doctor but he would only subscribe Fluconazole Tablets.
    I have been on the Candida Diet now for two weeks and have been very strict in what I eat. I also drink 6 pints of water every day. Unfortunately I am suffering with bouts of Diarrhoea and my CFS has deepened. I am also having problems sleeping and the last two days have experienced quite strong back ache.
    I feel like my whole body is closing down and I am feeling quite depressed with my situation. It has crossed my mind I might have Systemic Candida. Unfortunately a lot of the Candida Symptoms crossover with ME?Fybromyalgia.
    Any words of advice would be most welcome. Apologies for being rather long winded.

    • Hi Brian,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your strong die off reactions. I can so relate to them – it was the same for me – absolutely debilitating and excruciating. I’m afraid the only things you can do are to seek medical advice from a functional medicine doctor who is well versed in treating systemic Candida cases with ME or you’ll have to be very patient and tackle both problems yourself in the most gentle manner possible not to overwhelm your already taxed system further. I’ll be bringing on a doc in one of my upcoming fblive streams in my facebook group – are you a member of that? She will be talking about chronic pain and fibro I believe. So that should be interesting for you. Alternatively you are always welcome to book a 1:1 candida breakthrough session with me via skype if you want to dig deeper into how I tackled my own CFS & systemic Candida issues. All my best

  20. Hi Sandra,
    10 days on and feel my efforts are paying off. I have been taking Acidophilus Plus for a week now.
    2 Billion twice a day. My Bowels are back to normal and have had three good nights sleep. In fact last
    night I slept nine hours.
    I did a spit test this morning and nothing happened for a few seconds then the strings developed for only a few inches rather than zooming straight to bottom of glass.
    I read your excellent emails every day now on 12/30. From reading your thoughts on Probiotics, I was
    pleased to see I have taken the best option with 2 Billion rather than a high dosage.
    One question I have: how will I know when to move onto different stages, is it so many weeks or simply
    judging by how I feel. I began my ‘Yeast Buster’ journey 4 weeks ago and have kept strictly to foods to
    avoid list. I have lost six pounds in weight over the four weeks.
    A big thank you for all the recipies

    • Hi Brian,
      thank you so much for your kind comment – I am thrilled with your results. Well done you, that’s amazing!
      Sleep is SO important!
      Great question about the length of each stage. The short answer is that depends on your goals (how much weight do you wish to lose? how many symptoms do you have?…) I’m going to record a short live video answering your question in the fbgroup, where I can go into it in a bit more detail.
      Keep up the good work!

  21. Hi Sandra,
    I bought your book almost a year ago but have only now built up the courage to begin the diet. I’ve had eczema all my life and plenty of the other listed symptoms.
    My skin flares up really easily, and now I’m on day 3 and its gone into overdirve.
    I’ve not started the antifungals yet, I’ve been too scared. Should I start them now, even though I’m having a flare up already(I’m worries the die-off from anti-fungals will make it worse.
    Would really appreciate your input.

    • Hi Ian,
      many thanks for buying my book. I hope you have found it useful.
      I can relate to your eczema flare ups – I had my fare share of them too. It really impacts all areas of your life doesn’t it! So frustrating…
      The short answer is no. You need to calm flare ups first. Feel free to book a skype consultation with me where we can look at a ninja healing plan for you. Having completely cleared up my severe Eczema I am confident I can help you speed up your recovery time and also ease your suffering. Working with me will leave you reassured and empowered so you will not need to wait another year to take action. Best wishes!

    • Alsp, i have this constant floating, off balance feeling and a lot of head pressure and ear fullness. (Probably related to sinusitis) and my vision looks spotty.

  22. I think Ive been struggling with candida ever since my second pregnancy a little over a year ago. I started having bloating and stomach cramps and my doctor brushed it off as pregnancy related. But it never went away. It got worse once he was born, but then i started having problems focusing my eyes, dizziness, feeling off balance, chronic sinusitis and doctors can’t find route cause. I get really itchy irritated, inflammed fingers. Right around my nail and up. Im fatigued constantly, feel like Ive got the flu and am depleted. My doctor says my results, Ct scans, MRI’s and lab work are all fine and its my anxiety. Which is also terrible! I wake up an hour after falling asleep feeling sick and dizzy. Sometimes i feel drunkish i guess. Fatigu and shortness of breathe worse after eating. Does this sound like candida??

    • You poor thing, how awful, just when you want to have extra energy for your little one!
      The symptoms you describe absolutely sound like Candida to me, but it could of course also be something else… A wholesome sugar reduced diet can never hurt though, because whatever is causing you to feel this way it is definitely draining your mineral reserves and energy.

    • H Maddie. I hope you are feeling better by now. If not, I would recommend you to consult with vestibular specialist (physical or occupational therapist) about your symptoms of dizziness, difficulty focusing your eyes, feeling of being off balance.

  23. Hi Sandra,
    I was diagnosed with ME about 2 years ago and also suffer from Candida. I have started the anti-candida diet and had hoped to try some of your delicious looking recipes. Unfortunately, an allergy test has revealed that I have a food intolerance to a number of foods, a few of them being dairy, coconut and egg yolks. There are others but I find that these ones cause a lot of problems when looking for interesting recipes to cook. I am avoiding these foods at the moment but not sure if the Candida is causing the intolerance or if it is something else. Will I need to have another allergy test done sometime and should I try these foods out before I take the allergy test again? This is really getting me down as I was so looking forward to introducing some bread back in my diet.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Ash, nice to meet you! Having suffered from ME and food intolerances too, I can relate to you very well. When I started on this healing journey I had food intolerances that were so severe that I literally reacted to most foods including meat, dairy, eggs and tomato! So I had to develop my own method of adapting the traditional Candida diet to make this work for me. With help of an elimination diet approach I was able to fully reverse all my food intolerances including wheat, dairy and sugar which has been a godsend (because like you I am also a big bread fiend!) I would be happy to share how you could do this if you booked a 1:1 coaching session or a 4 month coaching package with me where I actually hold your hand through the different new foods introduction phases. I’m afraid I can’t really give you a yes, no type answer because there are different ways how you can go about this. You can do this with regular allergy tests. It’s just not what I personally value.

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