What is the best Free Candida Test?

candida test

Double-check what symptoms you got

1) Self Diagnosis Questionnaire

A simple and instant Candida Test you can do yourself is to go through a Candida Self diagnosis questionnaire. It’s a checklist of the most common candida symptoms.

If you find that you can tick one or several of the boxes this typically indicates that you have a candida infection in one form or another. It’s a simple as that.

Yes, the symptoms could also stem from other conditions.

But how likely is it that you have a whole host of these symptoms all at the same time? Exactly, not very likely!

Yet this is so common for yeast related problems. That’s why looking at your whole body is generally the best free candida test you can try. You’ll find this little DIY candida test here on my blog over on the candida symptoms page.

2) Candida Spit Test (candida saliva test)

The Candida Spit Test is pretty disgusting to be honest. But ever so simple.

All you have to do is this: First thing in the morning (before you brush your teeth or drink/ eat anything) you spit into a glass with still mineral water. If the stuff that swims on the top shows long rootlike strands you not only have ruined your breakfast appetite. It also looks like you might have an oral yeast infection of sorts. Told you this candida test was vile. Far better to go through the harmless candida quizz I mentioned above.

3) Chemical, Smoke & Perfume Sensitivity

This is not an official test but it is ever so revealing. I have yet to come across a “non candida sufferer” who shows signs of a chemical, smoke & perfume sensitivity.

Basically if you have candida you’re very much intolerant to any assault to your sense of smell. But you’ll be particularly sensitive to smoke and anything that smells like industrial cleaning, strong eau de toilette, synthetic carpets, glue, etc. You virtually won’t be able or willing to enter a room with a smell like that. Anyone around you won’t in most cases even be able to detect the smell or not be bothered by it.

A fairly simple candida test in my opinion.

4) The give away – Do you have Insane Cravings for sweet foods?

Again, this is not what you’d class a scientific candida test – Yet it is a dead give away.

If you have candida you are totally consumed with cravings for sweet things. Of course there are other health conditions that can cause cravings, like diabetes for instance. But as this is just a fun DIYy kind of candida test here to help you make sense of your symptoms this shouldn’t really concern us.

For starters in today’s hectic society, whilst being surrounded by food ads and instant convenience foods, everyone can’t live without their regular snacks and comfort foods. It’s part of our culture! So there’s nothing wrong with eating a lot (I do it all the time ?

But there is still a distinct difference between a healthy person’s cravings and those from a candida sufferer. The candida sufferer gets absolutely frantic when he or she doesn’t get their sugar hit.

Their mood drops within seconds and they get highly emotional, extremely crotchety and on edge. They can’t focus or think clearly. In severe cases they even get panic attacks and their hands start trembling.

So all in all I admit this is rather a wishywashy candida test. but I thought it was worth mentioning. Perhaps you have sometimes wondered yourself, why you or a person you know very well, get ridiculously hungry despite having had a proper meal not too long ago.

Observation from a former candida sufferer’s perspective:

When I had these overwhelming cravings I found they always went hand in hand with an unpleasant sensation in my lower abdomen. It felt almost like what you’d consider an empty stomach (hence I mistook it for appetite and dugg into the box of bagels or chocolates). But as this symptom manifests itself in a very different area from your belly, this could be another indicator whether you have a yeast imbalance.

 What’s the best paid for Candida Test?

Without knowing what’s causing your condition you might start taking medication that does not attack the exact organism that caused your problem. This can mean being ill for longer and unneccessary costs for you.

Here’s a list of the most common quality Candida Tests  currently available on the market:

1) Candida Test with blood analysis e.g. Foods Sensitivity Blood Test

Traditional candida tests require you to give a blood sample so you can get tested for food sensitivities. Price varies depending on how many foods you want tested. Candida Tests examining say 40-130 foods cost between £100-£145.

2) Comprehensive Hair tissue food & airborne test plus digestive profile

You can also get the health care professional to put together a complete digestive profile for you. To do this they use a combination of candida tests looking if you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency or are allergic to pollen etc. These combi candida tests tend to weigh in a little bit cheaper around £95.

3) Kinesiology Candida Test

If you are looking for an holistic Candida test you might want to try Kinesiology. This aids to find out the underlying factors & foods that you might be reacting to. Prices start at £65.

4) PH Testing

How acidic your body’s systems are also gives you an indication how healthy you are. A PH level that is too low  (below 6) over a peridod of time tells you that your body is too acidic. This promotes a whole host of health problems because your body’s abilities to heal itself is impaired. Candida thrives in an acidic environment. Especially in the bladder/ vaginal area the ph level is very sensitive. That’s why when out of kilter thrush and cystitis occur. You can test your ph with a quick urine test strip. Bare in mind that your urine will be slightly more acidic in the mornings; this is normal.

5) Candida Test including Parasite screening

These are a bit more expensive, costing around  £125

If you listen to your body and answer those questions hand on heart than you will have a pretty good idea if Candida is causing your issues. What have you got to lose by following the Candida Diet?

Chances are you have been ill for a while. The Candida Diet will promote your healing regardless what your health problem is.

“In my opinion you don’t require any other form of candida test out there. Particularly not if they cost an arm and a leg. I have yet to see that they are hundred percent accurate. What if a stool test tells you there is no imbalance but the yeast has migrated to your sinuses, which is not tested for?”

That said I do understand that it can be very unsettling not knowing what’s wrong with you. And it is such a reassuring feeling to get the approval from a health care professional who examined your candida test. Whatever the result may be.

That’s why I have included the contact details for:

A reputable Candida Test Provider

The Finchley Clinic

But before you start worrying if you have candida, why not first take a glance at this  Candida self diagnosis checklist. It’s FREE and most likely the only Candida test you’ll need.

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