Candida is often misdiagnosed by medical professionals simply because the symptoms of Candida overgrowth are quite general and can be attributed to other illnesses.  Thus here are some simple tests you can easily do for free at home and other paid options.

Self-diagnosis questionnaire

Comprises of a series of questions and depending on how many symptoms you have, you should go on the Candida diet.

Candida Spit Test

A bit disgusting, but oh so simple.  First thing in the morning before brushing your teeth, eating or drinking, you need to spit into a glass with still mineral water. If the stuff that swims on the top shows long root like strands you not only have ruined your breakfast but you definitely have an oral yeast infection of sorts.

Chemical, Smoke & Perfume Sensitivity

This is not an official test but it is ever so revealing. I have yet to come across a “non Candida sufferer” who shows signs of a chemical, smoke & perfume sensitivity.

Basically if you have Candida you’re very much intolerant to any assault to your sense of smell. But you’ll be particularly sensitive to smoke and anything that smells like industrial cleaning, strong eau de toilette, synthetic carpets, glue, etc. You virtually won’t be able or willing to enter a room with a smell like that. Anyone around you won’t in most cases even be able to detect the smell or not be bothered by it.

Insane Cravings for Sweet Foods

Again, this is not what you’d class a scientific Candida test – Yet it is a dead give away.

But there is still a distinct difference between a healthy person’s cravings and those from a Candida sufferer. The Candida sufferer gets absolutely frantic when he or she doesn’t get their sugar hit. Their mood drops within seconds and they get highly emotional, extremely crotchety and on edge. They can’t focus or think clearly. In severe cases they even get panic attacks and their hands start trembling.

Lab Tests

Without knowing what’s causing your condition you might start taking medication that does not attack the exact organism that caused your problem. This can mean being ill for longer and unnecessary costs for you.

But before you start worrying about expensive lab work, why not first take a glance at the Candida self-diagnosis checklist. It’s FREE and most likely the only Candida test you’ll need. Sign up to the newsletter and you’ll receive an email with the self-diagnosis checklist sent straight to your inbox.

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  1. Hi,
    been on a leaky gut /candida journey for a couple of months now. sooo much to learn, it can be overwhelming.. anyway, how useful do you think it is to do ph tests ? thanks Angela

    • Hi Angela,
      personally I think if you have a specialist near you who can test you and perhaps even work with you in beating the yeasties then I would always say go for it. On the flipside if you don’t have a doctor or clinic who has a good track record of testing and curing candida or money is tight then I would not get a test done.

      At your heart of heart you can normally tell whether you have Candida and whether it gets better from following the diet and taking supplements.

      I don’t have much faith in localized tests, because I know that the fungus can travel in your body and even lay dormant. I think the best bench mark is if your symptoms are getting less, and I hope that they are for you, even if the spit test says otherwise.

      Have you tried oil pulling? It helped me get rid of oral thrush. Perhaps it would help you, too. Hang in there, Angela. It is indeed an emotional roller coaster. Nobody can understand what it’s like, if they haven’t experienced it themselves. It does get better though. So chin up, you’ve done great – 5 months is a solid foundation. Onwards and upwards!

  2. I’ve been suffering for nearly a year with a problem with my lops. It started out feeling like like their was a ‘coating on my lips of some kind. Then it got worse and my lips became severely dry, bright red, and painful. That has progressed to the point that it has now spread to a large area around my lips and the space between my lips and nose is red as well. My lips are swollen, itchy , peeling and burning most of the time. I have other symptoms of Candida, could it be causing this problem with my lips as well?

    • Hi Deb, I think I know what’s causing your lips to flare up, and I’ve been through the same horrible recovery journey. Happy to tell you exactly what home remedies helped me get my lips back to normal.
      I don’t think it’s Candida, but I believe the underlying Candida infection has weakened your immune system so this could take a foothold. If you’d like you can book a quick email or skype audio or video consultation with me here (starts from £20/$30), check my calendar here.
      Any questions give me a shout. Best wishes

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