Candida FAQ: Are Tickly Cough & Tight Chest Candida Symptoms?

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Yesterday a reader asked me an interesting question that I would like to share with you: 

Reader Question:

Hi, my symptoms seem to have shifted location, showing themselves with an irritating, tickly cough and tight chest. Why would this happen when working so hard to eliminate it? I am kind of hoping that its a positive shift….

My Answer:

An irritating tickly cough and a tight chest are typical complications when you have Candida. I encountered that several times and I always got really frustrated as I felt that I had fought this evil very hard and it couldn’t possibly be new flare ups… From what I gather it can be a few things:

  • With all the Candida by products from die off being pumped through your system your liver might be a bit overworked causing your body to try and get rid off small undigested food particles through your lungs rather than the clogged up digestive system.
  • Bacterial infections in areas with a lot of die off are quite common as well. So do whatever you can to keep your airways clean to avoid secondary infections.
  • Another very likely reason could be that you are consuming too many acidic foods and your Ph levels are not healthy. For healing to take place you need to have a mostly alkaline environment.
  • I also found that dairy can cause respiratory symptoms like a sore throat, cough or tight chest.

What you can do to get rid off an irritable tickly cough and tight chest:

  • Gargle with tea made from loose sage leaves.
  • Avoid dairy including yogurt, cheese or milk until your symptoms have cleared up.
  • Try oil pulling or inhale over a steam bath with diluted essential oils ( e.g eucalyptus).
  • Avoid too many acidic foods like eggs, meat, nuts, butter. And if you do have them eat steamed green veggies with it and drink water and herbal teas. 
  • Are you drinking water with apple cider vinegar? I kept a glass next to my bed when I had this tickly cough at night. A few sips would stop it.
  • Also I’d recommend you take Swedish Bitters after your meals – gets your digestion going (just a few drops is enough; it’s the bitter taste that stimulates liver and gall bladder) especially in the evening so no undigested food lingers in your gut.candida tickly coughcandida tickly cough

Worked wonders for me.

Right, that gives you food for thought. Hope you’ll be able to clear those symptoms soon. All my best!


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