2 days or 2 weeks – what’s the ideal length of Candida diet workshop for you?

I’m about to re-launch my online Candida diet training and wanted to ask you what format you prefer. Do you mind answering 7 short multiple choice questions?

Click here to view the questions.  

Interestingly enough the results of the last survey were very close. I asked you what names you’d prefer for the Candida diet program (last time it was called “Beat the Bloat” Boot camp).

50% of people voted for “Candida diet: First Steps to Recovery”

45% of people voted for “Candida diet: Jump Start your Healing”

5% of people voted for others names like “Beat the Bloat”, “Candida diet Beginners”, “Candida diet and surviving” and “Gut Buster”

Thank you all ever so much – you are a great help, and if you have any more ideas how to make the name a bit snazzier, let me know!


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