This is a MUST if you or your loved one has Candida!!!

Just a heads up that the Candida Summit is open again this weekend! Make use of it – listen or buy and schedule a time to listen later, but do yourself the favour and listen to the expert talks. 

At the moment they are even FREE, and they have the power to turn your life around so you finally feel like yourself again!

Click on the image below to watch my 2 minute video why I believe this Candida info is so CRUCIAL for you!!!

why candida summit

I know all this info can seem OVERWHELMING…. But this is the latest, most effective treatment advice regarding curing systemic Candida hands down. 

—-> Remember, the Candida talks will only be unlocked this weekend. This is your final chance to 


You know that I have been steeped in this topic for close to ten years, so I consider myself pretty knowledgeable.

But even I learned a ton of new stuff that I wish I had known when I suffered so badly with my Candida infections.

I liked it so much, I even bought access to the damn talks!

I took a lot of useful health & lifestyle advice from it geared to living an energised, happier life that I hope to implement into my own life bit by bit.


candida summit access

  • Lifetime access to the Candida audio files (MP3) + transcripts costs you $89+ (works out around £68) = less than the cost of a coffee to be able to pick the brains of some of the best Candida experts worldwide!            Just one nugget of info could be the key to ending your pain and discomfort for good!
  • Not to mention the hundreds of pounds/ dollars worth of value info on what tests you need, how to cure anxiety, heavy metal toxicity, parasites and how to tackle really tough cases when you have been to dozens of doctors and nobody has been able to truly get to the root cause…  

Since I truly believe this is a fabulous deal I am happy to promote it here.

Just so you know if you buy through one of my links I will get a kick back from the proceeds. I want to be open about it with you.

The price stays absolutely the same for you though.


To sweeten the deal and to thank you for your trust in me and the summit I am happy to throw two of my own bonuses in there for you!

I’ve done all the work for you, so you don’t have to! No time to listen? I got you covered!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the notes I took (30+ x A4 pages worth!) DISTILLED DOWN TO 2 PAGES = SUPER TIME SAVER FOR YOU!


I have distilled what I consider the key info of the Candida expert talks down onto 2 pages.

I literally took my favourite gem from each talk. 

That can save you up to 13 hours of listening time + the same again if you were to write a synopsis yourself!)

Candida summit synopsis

I’m also including a list of useful books & resources.

This is info that has taken the experts many years of studying and practising and much money invested into their health education to obtain. You can get this for free when you purchase lifetime access to the talks. 

The holy grail of what is currently considered THE BEST CANDIDA TREATMENT.

So far I listened to 16 of the 33 talks, so there’s even more to discover.

But this is definitely more than you would ever need in order to heal all Candida related symptoms!


  1. All you have to do to get my special notes is to forward me proof of purchase of the summit (e.g. ‘thank you for buying’ email).
  2. Plus your confirmation that you bought the summit AFTER clicking on one of the links on this page (e.g. this one here)


Sandra's Candida diet recipes books

I’m also happy to send you a digital copy of my books ‘The Candida Diet Solution – How to cure Candida in 4 simple steps‘, as well as my ‘Sugar free and Easy’ Candida Diet Recipes Books.

 —-> Remember, the Candida talks will only be unlocked this weekend (until Monday 10 am Eastern). This is your final chance to LISTEN TO THE TALKS FOR FREE NOW! <—-

Here’s to your health & happiness!!!

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