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I’m gearing up for a Cleanse – want to join me?

getting ready for cleanse

How are you?

  • If you are anything like me you have enjoyed a fair few foods over the summer that didn’t seem to have agreed with you too well.
  • Maybe you have felt old symptoms pop back up?
  • Or you are just feeling tired or run down?
  • Perhaps a few unhealthy habits have sneaked into your daily ritual that it’s time to override with good ones, but you just can’t seem to get started….


I have an idea for you – how about we do a bit of a Cleanse?

Veggies cleanse (7 days!)

Nothing too extreme. No juice fasting. No hardcore starvation.

Just a week of light meals to get your body into an alkaline healing state, and to take the stress out of food prep and cooking.

This should make it easier to carry on with the Candida diet or to do a short fast or whatever you’d want to do afterwards, because you will have broken old destructive eating habits and you’ll feel invigorated.

I have done this before, and have always felt better for it.

I’ve been meaning to do this since January, but I just didn’t find the time or energy to get going.

This time round I’m thinking of following a  7 days vegan cleanse plan. It’s from Heather Nicholds who is a fellow blogger and nutritionist.

The plan sounds super and includes only plant-based meals, which is a good idea for me because I’ve been eating too many eggs and meat lately.

veggies for cleanse

When does the cleanse start?

Anytime you like. The live cleanse has already ended. But Heather has recorded video messages so it should still be easy to follow along.

I’m thinking of starting this weekend or on Monday (Sunday 28th Sept or Monday 29th Sept).

This is of course only relevant if you haven’t just done a fast. I don’t want you to starve lol! This is only for people who have been enjoying food a little too much this summer ;-)

Three Top Tips in Preparation of Your Cleanse:

  • The week before – avoid red meat, dairy, wheat, eggs, processed foods and oats (sticks to your colon)
  • Keep the weekend clear so you can ease yourself into the cleanse (preferably with a good book, new music or a relaxing bath soak)
  • Go shopping before the weekend so you don’t have to start the cleanse stressed, (and you won’t chicken out as you already spent so much on veg haha!)

I have nothing to sell

If you’re thinking first she’s trying to sell me a recipes book and now a cleanse… you are wrong! I am not associated with Heather in any way; I just like what she is doing

What do you think? It would be cool to do this together. Even if you just follow my free cleanse info. The main thing is that you do something for your health now…

There is comfort in knowing that you’re not doing this alone!

Would you find it useful to speak to me?

chat with me

I realize detoxing is quite a serious undertaking. I thought maybe it would be helpful if I set up a google hangout or virtual video conference or something so we could chat :)

What do you think?

Let me know asap if this is of interest to you so I can set this up (not that I have any idea how to do this haha, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I go along).

We’ll have to do a group call of some sort, as I won’t have the time to speak to everyone individually, nor do I have the time to even answer emails at the moment. So it will be 10 people max probably; first come first served. I’m thinking Monday evening. When would be good for you?

So if you have a burning question or could do with a bit of encouragement, leave a comment below this post here. Thanks :)


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        • Cat September 26, 2014, 17:02

          So… first a couple of questions:
          1. If a person currently has a cold, do you think this type of cleanse is OK?
          2. I have recognized signs when my body doesn’t get enough protein – and sometimes even carbs (see question 3 below), and my doctor has recommended that I eat fish and chicken. No red meat at all, not even pork. Could I “kind of” do this with you and still eat as my doctor recommended?
          3. I have a TON of food sensitivities (83 foods, to be exact – at least those are the ones tested), including a lot of vegetables and fruits. Is there room for substitutions in the plan?
          4. Since there can be a vast time difference across the globe for the call, I would say that in the US where I am, I wouldn’t be free Monday evening. But that would be a time when you would be sleeping, anyway. So… not sure how that works out. But maybe there are enough people locally for you to do that?
          5. Thank you for trying to work this out for us all. :-)

        • Sandra September 28, 2014, 18:23

          First Apologies to anyone who might have attempted to leave a comment – my website was broken (should be resolved now – fingers crossed!)

          Hey Cat, it would be great to have you on board.

          1. I think it would be best for you to recover from the cold first though. But then the plan has been put together by a nutritionist, so technically you should get all the nutrition you need from it.

          2. I personally always felt the need of eating some chicken and fish when I felt run down, so I agree with your doc, and I think you could add extra protein into the plan. I think you only have to be strict if you are transitioning from a rich “not so healthy” diet to a healthier sugar reduced diet, especially if you want to lose weight (which you clearly don’t need!)

          3. Part of the meal plan is access to a forum where you can ask about food substitutions… I will need some, too, as I can’t get hold of ripe avocados here…

          4. Yes, to coordinate the different timezones will be an adventure, haha, I am hoping it will magically work out. It would help me figure this out if everyone left a comment with their timezone and preferred time. Here’s a converter: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
          Mine is the United Kingdom/ England :)

        • Heather September 29, 2014, 12:26

          I’m excited you’re giving my cleanse a try :) Thanks so much for sharing it here! And I’m looking forward to helping in whatever way I can as you go through :) Keep me posted!

          Cat – if you’re asking about the plan I’ve put together, feel free to email me and I can answer any questions :)

        • Sandra September 29, 2014, 14:55

          Awesome – thanks so much Heather :)

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