21 Quick Actions to Get Rid Off Cold Symptoms!

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Let’s face it, at some point sooner or later you’ll catch a cold. But if you follow these nifty tricks then you’ll recover in no time at all.


21 Simple Steps to Cure Your Cold

  1. Eat light, vitamin-rich foods, preferably hot comforting soups.  
  2. Drink lots of water, fresh juices and herbal teas. 
  3. Start the day with a freshly made juice with ginger root and lemon to wake you up. 
  4. Have a light dairy free breaky with rice or almond milk (cowsmilk & yogurt encourage mucous production). 
  5. Inhale over steaming water (add a few drops of an essential oil if you have).
  6. Wrap up warm & go for a gentle walk (nothing to vigorous just a few minutes in the fresh air). 
  7.  Rest & sleep as much as you can (now is not the time for house cleaning or tidying). 
  8. If you have to work, focus only on what matters most that day (everything else will get done another day). 
  9. Take a good multi vitamin & mineral complex to up your vitamin intake.
  10. See if you can get hold of a natural antibiotic like oil of oregano or olive leaf extract – to kill all germs – helping you to recover quicker. 
  11. Make a flask of soothing herbal tea and sip it throughout the day. 
  12. Add some super foods to your diet for an extra vitamin boost.
  13. Keep warm and drink hot lemon for an extra vitamin C kick. 
  14. Gargle with sage tea – it’s super effective and you won’t need to go out to buy any lozenges or sore throat medicine. 
  15. Sip a glass of water with natural apple cider vinegar every now and again to give your body the extra minerals it needs to fight your cold. 
  16. Eat a light lunch. Preferably a simple soup with some fresh organic vegetables, a bit of garlic or a chicken soup. 
  17. Avoid fried, spicy, oily food for dinner – a light fish and veggies meal would be perfect or soup.
  18. Muster up the energy to wrap up warm again and go outside briefly to get some oxygen pumping around your body. 
  19. Soak your aching muscles in a hot bath or foot bath to help you relax.
  20.  Use your powers of persuasion to get a neck massage from a loved one ?
  21. Sip a comforting chamomile tea and snuggle up in bed with a hot water bottle, and try to get an early night.

You see, there are quite a few things you can do straight away to help you get better.

    And if you want to take it to the next level, and really Kickstart your immune system into gear, then you can follow my Ninja 24 Hours Recovery Plan:

    But before I outline this helpful health routine to you, let’s take a quick look at the ingredients list, so you can stock up on a few handy essentials before you even get ill :-)

    Ingredients Needed for your Home Treatment Plan & Health Benefits:

    • Sage tea leaves -this culinary herb has anti- inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties
    • Natural Apple cider vinegar-is extremely nutrient rich; speeds up your healing & alleviates most cold symptoms
    • Fresh Ginger root -boosts your circulation & metabolism
    • Eucalyptus essential oil for inhaling- it is antiseptic & decongesting – helping you to breethe freely
    •  Nettle tea leaves  – purifies the blood and relieves allergy and cold symptoms alike
    •  Mullein tea leaves – soothes inflamed mucous membranes
    • Vegetables, stock (and chicken if you like) for a hearty soup
    • Fish & vegetables for a light steamed/ grilled meal

    Optional for an Additional Immune System Boost:

    • Sesame oil, mustard oil and almond oil for Oil Pulling: – detoxifying, cleansing, anti-bacterial
    • Olive Leaf Extract capsules – Top Immune System Support – Kills bacteria & viruses & protects your healthy cells!
    • Good allround Multi Vitamin & Mineral Complex – You need extra nutrients to heal your cold symptoms! 
    • Superfoods Powder (Chlorella, Spirulina, Barleygrass… – Alkalises your body to speed up Healing)
    • Chamomile tea leaves – Calming, helping you to sleep
    • Carrot, Apple, Celery, Lemon for Ginger Zinger Juice – Vitamin Boost

    Where Do you get All these Healthy Goodies from?

    You can easily buy loose teas etc. Look under “herbs” in your local health food shop or buy them online for instance from Mountainrose Herbs here.

    Being based in the UK I tend to buy my herbal teas from Archie Browns in Truro or Woodland Herbs online here; this is not an affiliate link btw ? And you really don’t have to get all the remedies either. Just pick one or two perhaps. I started with Sage tea for a sore throat, which is very effective btw.

    Let’s get to it…

    Simple 2 Days Health Routine that Helps You Recover Fast:

    Having struggled with a chronic illness for 4 years my immune system initially was pretty low. What I’m about to share with you is my optimised 2 days treatment plan to fend off cold symptoms and flu. 

    Before you go to bed:

    • Make a cup of sage tea. Gargle with it & do this again if you wake up during the night.
    • Add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and put this next to your bed for the next morning (alongside olive leaf capsules if you have).

    On Awakening:

    • If you want to try oil pulling – now is the time to do it, before you brush your teeth. oil pulling
    • Drink the acv (and take olive leaf extract – it also kills candida and all other bacteria and viruses – bonus!)


    • Set fresh ginger root tea brewing while you prepare your breakfast.
    • Drink a glass of water with chlorella & spirulina (I also added barley grass powder and rosehip to mine for an extra vitamin boost).
    •  Make some fresh carrot apple ginger juice – the ultimate cold remedy. ginger juice(not suitable for phase 1, 2 or early on in phase 3 of the candida diet!)
    •  Drink a cup of ginger tea with your breaky (no dairy because it produces mucous). Also take a good multi vitamin & mineral tablet

    After Breakfast:

    • Mini walk to get some fresh air. walk on the beach
    • Then inhale with eucalyptus oil (I only had sage and rosemary, which was not as effective but soothing). Optional: try some nose oil.

    3-4 times throughout the day: gargle with sage tea – This is key to prevent the spreading on of your cold symptoms.

    Mid morning: drink a cup of nettle & mullein tea; a bit later drink a big glass of water. herbal tea

    30 mins before lunch:

    • Take another olive leaf capsule (I took mine mid afternoon instead)
    • Drink a glass of water with chlorella & spirulina. Add a bit of apple cider vinegar.


    • Eat a light and small portion with minimum of cooking. Vegetable or chicken soup are good. veggy soupLight bean or lentils dishes work, too. No dairy, no greasy fried food, no hard to digest dark meats, no dessert…  
    •  Sip some water with acv during your meal and take another multi vit tablet.

      After lunch: another inhaling session then Power nap/rest.

    Mid afternoon:

    • Drink more water and herbal tea.
    •  Take another olive leaf capsule to nuke the rest of your cold symptoms!

    Late afternoon:

    •  Drink the evil green spirulina drink with acv again.  
    • Have an early supper around 5 pm 5.30 pm, where you enjoy some lightly grilled fish or chicken with vegetables.
    • That’s easy to digest and it doesn’t require a lot of cooking. Perfect. Again, try to avoid overly oily, fried or spicy hot foods.
    • Get some fresh air again, a few steps outdoors are better than none!

    Early evening: inhale with essential oil again (optional: nose oil), if you are cold: hot foot bath. Wrap up warm, rest. foot bath


    • Drink some freshly brewed chamomile tea and go to bed early.
    • Don’t inhale at this time of day because it might make you sneeze and clogg up your sinuses since the drainage is encouraged while your body is in shutting down mode, especially when lying down.
    • Gargle with sage tea again (Use freshly brewed sage tea for this; and make another cup for the night/ next day).
    • As a last resort if you still have a pounding headache from your sinus infection or other cold symptoms take a Sudafed and a Paracetamol capsule with a glass of water to help you go to sleep. You need to sleep to heal. Laying awake suffering all night won’t sort you out. But hopefully you won’t need this anyway.

    Next Day: Rinse, repeat… and you’ll see that you’ll recover a lot quicker than you’d normally would when coming down with a cold or the flu…

    For instructions how to do oil pulling and more tips how to clear your head and cure sinus infection click here.

    What To Do If You don’t have the time or resources to go through this 2 day plan?

    • Eat light, nutrient-rich foods, preferably hot comforting soups
    • Drink lots of water and herbal teas
    • Get some fresh air
    • Rest & sleep as much as you can – This will still do you the world of good & help to heal all the cold symptoms that are bugging you ?

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      All the tips on this page are based on my personal experience and are not meant as treatment advice. Please get advice from a nutritionist, naturopath or specialised doctor before embarking on my health routines.

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