Menu Suggestions for a Colon Cleanse


This is What I Lived Of During my 5 Day Cleanse:

The most effective Colon Cleanse Recipe in my opinion is Hummus with Celery, but all the following ingredients are good, too:  

  • brown rice
  • celery
  • vegetables
  • salad
  • olive oil
  • flax oil
  • hummus
  • filtered water
  • lemons – very potent colon cleanser!
  • oats (or gluten free equivalent) with rice milk
  • Sauerkraut or just the juice
  • Seeds
  • Beans, Chickpeas

What Foods Not to Include in your Colon Cleanse Recipe:

  • wheat
  • dairy
  • meat
  • eggs
  • sugar
  • coffee
  • alcohol

Menu Suggestions for 5 Days:

All these recipes are my staple dishes. Most of them can be found amongst my candida diet recipes.

Day 1

  • Cabbage Stirfry (without feta but with amarandt toasties)
  • Butter Bean Curry & salad
  • Steamed Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes & Fresh Spinach with light dressing

Day 2

  • Oats Porridge (or gluten free equivalent) with pre-soaked seeds and rice milk, cucumber
  • Kidney Beans Stew, brown rice & Salad
  • Broccoli & Asparagus Soup

Day 3

  • Cabbage Stifry no bread, no feta but pre-soaked seeds & cucumber
  • Beans Stew again with rice
  • Veg Soup

Day 4

  • Butternut & Coconut Breaky or Rice with Nori & sesame, cucumber
  • Rice or hummus and veggy sticks
  • Asparagus & Cauliflower Soup

Day 5

  • Cabbage Stir Fry or porridge, cucumber
  • Coconut Rice, hummus and veg sticks – quick & easy colon cleanse recipe, particularly with celery sticks very effective
  • Veg Soup

Sugar free, vegan, dairy – and gluten free.

So in other words these recipes are incredibly good for your health and your figure any time of year – not just when doing a Colon Cleanse!

Healthy Snacks whilst Cleansing:

  • brown rice cakes with linseed oil and nori sprinkles
  • brown rice with coconut oil and cinnamon
  • soup or veg leftovers from day before
  • hummus and veg
  • or my latest craze: Sauerkraut :-) with rice or rice cake, friendly bacteria here I come!

Colon Cleanse Drinks & Soothing Herbal Teas

  • Filtered Water
  • Nettle Tea
  • Fresh ginger tea
  • Dandelion tea
  • Fennel Tea
  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina
  • Lemon
  • Chamomile Tea

I hope you’ll find this sneak peek into my pantry useful to figure out what you can eat yourself to heal your digestive issues. Incorporating more of these allergy-friendly foods into my every day diet has made a huge change to my recovery from candida and wellbeing in general.

I wish the same for you :-)

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