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Yes, indeed – not the most thrilling topic to talk about – but, heyho!

Since 95% of your immune system is based in your intestines it seems like a good idea to know how to keep that area in good nick – especially if you have a yeast problem. Read on at your own peril ? 

Why even do a Colon Cleanse?

  •   It’s helpful to alleviate constipation issues.
  •  It’s also good practice to do right before a detox/ fast or liver cleanse (as when you’re not eating, nothing is moving through your colon to push old matter out that’s been stuck there – What, you thought it all comes out when you go to the loo, nope, sorry to kill your illusions! But all is not lost – If you continue reading to the bottom of this post I’ll share with you my easy to follow Step by Step Liver Cleanse Plan! Alright then, Plan B: no fasting – I’ll also share my awesome menu suggestions with you that helped me heal my digestive issues.
  • A clean colon means less opportunity for yeast to grow.
  • The intake from nutrients through the intestinal walls is easier.
  • And you’d feel a lot better for it (less toxins = less die off symptoms).

So What the Heck Is It?

As the name suggests it is anything that helps you cleanse your colon and helps you to have normal bowel movements.

  • You can either drink a lot and eat sloshy foods that don’t linger around for long.
  • You take some kind of laxative and bulking agent (think: pipe cleaner!)
  • Or you administer yourself an enema or get a professional colonic or all 3 together.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Colon Cleanse

Your best bet is to eat light at least for a weekend, preferably a week or longer gradually weaning yourself of meat, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol, wheat and gluten.

All these things prolong the time that the food actually lingers in your system.

Do what you can to prevent constipation and get things moving.

Whether you’ll do this zippideduda in a 24 hours action or for 5 days doesn’t really matter. As long as your colon had a good clear out.

The cleaner your colon, the more effective your detox. Simple.

Can You Do It Just With Foods?

For maximum impact I’d recommend taking additional supplements or at least doing enemas or colonics. Especially if you’ve been having digestive issues, particularly Candida, for a long time now.

But if you are on a low budget or prefer not to take anything then…

Click here for my Menu Suggestions for a 5 Day Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse Soup

Just eating foods like rice, lemons, celery and hummus is incredibly cleansing and beneficial for you, even on their own.

Making sure you don’t eat any wheat, dairy, meat or eggs (and of course no sugar, coffee, alcohol…). This would counteract the Colon Cleanse effect.

What Supplements Help to Clean Your Colon?

I took Colon Cleanse tablets called Intestinal Formula 1 &2. It is part of a Full Body Detox Program called “The Incurables Program”.

Click here to see the full Detox Protocol my plan is based on.

I Tested a Colon Cleanse Kit for 5 days

Apart from eating only foods that are easy on the digestive system and promote quick transit, I also wanted to take some type of natural laxative & bulking agent a go to give my intestines a good clean – this is called colon cleanse kit so you know ?

After looking at several colon cleanse providers I decided to go with herbshandsandhealing. because they contained the herbal formula that I had read so many good things about in Dr. Schulze’s program mentioned above.

Since I only wanted to test it, I decided not to buy the whole kit but only the Chamomile & Cascara Capsules (natural laxative) and the Clay & Linseed Capsules (absorbs waste and prevents it from sticking to the intestine walls). The full kit would have also included Bearberry capsules.

First Colon Cleanse Review & a Word of Warning:

The cleanse worked really well.

But when I stopped taking the cascara tablets I developed constipation, which is not what you want.

So I figured, the other tablets in the kit, that I was meant to take afterwards, Bearberry tabs, are probably quite essential to regulate bowel movements after the cleanse.

Here’s the Plan I Followed the Next Time Round (again 5 day Colon Cleanse):

Instead of 10 days, as the original program suggests I‘ve decided to do 5.

Hey, the original plan is for severely ill people and requires you not to eat for 2-4 weeks – me, not eating for longer than 5 days?

Don’t think so ?

Colon Cleanse Products I Tried:

Colon cleanse kit from containing:

    • Chamomile & Cascara Capsules
    • Clay & Linseed Capsules
    • Bearberry Capsules

    Warning: Can You Do the Colon Cleanse if you have IBS?

    No, it’s best not to.

    If you have IBS, Crohn’s disease or similar it is not recommended as the tablets are likely going to aggravate your symptoms.

    Top Tip: Instead follow a clean diet without wheat, sugar, meat, and dairy. And try slippery elm & marshmallow powder and castor oil packs – Highly recommended. This helped me enormously to get rid of constant bloating and lower abdomen pain. Once the inflammations are down you can tackle a full on Bowel Cleanse.

    Other Supplements I was Taking during the Cleanse:

    • Slippery Elm & Marshmallow Powder for healing Leaky Gut & IBS type symptoms (also bought from hhh)
    • Chelated Molybdenum tabs to prevent die off symptoms (not sure if they work, bought them on Amazon, so far have not had noticeable die off symptoms, but had very low candida levels to begin with)
    • Wormwood, Clove & Black Walnut drops (antifungal/ parasite cleanse bought on Amazon – just to be on the safe side – since I snuggled up to my friend’s cat ?
    • Strong Probiotic (I use Optibac regular)

    Second Colon Cleanse Review:

    Initially I had accidentally taken too many Clay and Linseed tablets and also not been drinking enough water, thereby causing a constipation issue, duh :-(  This made doing enemas a rather sad state of affairs unfortunately.

    Once I drunk lots of diluted lemon juice, water and green tea and ate lots of rice, hummus and celery that issue thankfully disappeared.

    All in all a really easy to do Detox. No big hunger pangs, no tiredness, no mood swings and hardly any die off symptoms. Result!

    If you get constipated during your colon cleanse, you might find this list of natural constipation remedies useful.

    Top Tips:

    • Make sure you drink PLENTY of water and herbal teas if taking the Clay & Linseed Tabs and take them in between meals not with the meal!
    • Don’t eat dry, stodgy stuff in the days before the colon cleanse
    • Avoid dairy, wheat, meat and sugar during the cleanse (can cause stickiness in the colon)
    • Go to bed early, get moving (daily) and remove stress wherever possible (no, seriously, all 3 things have a big impact on how well your digestion/ colon is operating)

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