Candida diet support (PART 1): Confused what to eat on the Candida diet?

This month we will be focusing solely on your struggles and health symptoms.

Here’s what we are going to do:

I will send out a series of posts – each tailored to one specific health or diet related problem. That way you can quickly browse to those blog posts that are most relevant to you. This is the first one aka (PART 1).

Just be aware that I won’t be able to answer individual questions. At the moment I only have one hour every week that I can dedicate to that. What doesn’t get answered then gets rolled to the next week and so on.
There is quite a backlog of emails now so I have decided to double my efforts by also offering telephone support (skype) on Thursdays (at least for the next 4 weeks). If you’d like to talk to me that would be the perfect opportunity.
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 There will be a small charge for the telephone support to enable me to approach functional medicine doctors and nutritionists to get more qualified answers to your questions. But the content in my blog and email newsletter will always be free.


1) Look at the big picture

The general gist of all “Candida diets” or Paleo, SCD and other specific diets for gastro-intestinal complaints is to simplify your diet to give your digestion a rest in order for your body to heal. It helps to remind yourself of the macro view of why you are following a diet and not the intricate micro view of all the individual foods. If the end result is what matters then do not let the method concern you.

2) Listen to your body

Nobody can tell you better what is good for you then your own body. You can follow all the healthy diets in the world but if certain foods don’t agree with you then they are simply not “healthy” for you at this moment in time. So use common sense when deciding what diet to follow. If the diet you want to follow allows you practically only eggs but eggs give you belly ache, follow a different diet or adjust it accordingly. Any food intolerance (or other stress response to that affect) that you ignore strains your immune system so it can’t work efficiently, making you feel tired or ill.

3) Turn worrying into consciously being good to yourself

Your body is amazingly resilient – do not worry that eating or drinking a certain food or drink might have sabotaged all your efforts. You’ll be fine. Think positive thoughts, be extra nurturing towards yourself and follow any day of overindulgence or stress with a day of getting fresh air, movement, lots of vegetables, fish, soup and wind down early to get an early night. That will do wonders for your health!

Do you sometimes wonder if your symptoms are caused from die off or if they are new symptoms from what you’ve been eating – but you haven’t been able to pinpoint WHY you are feeling worse for wear all of a sudden and what to do about it?

Does it feel as if you’ll always be stuck in this limited diet and that you’ll never be able to enjoy a pizza again?

I get it. I thought the same. Meanwhile I tried & tested 5 different Candida diets, Paleo and Vegan lifestyles to see what works best.

So I have gone through what you are just going through and I have come out the other end. Funnily enough I even had a slice of pizza this very weekend – without any repercussions – result!

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The small charge enables me to approach functional medicine doctors and nutritionists to get more qualified answers to your questions. But the content in my blog and email newsletter will always be free.

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How does that sound?

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P.S.: In PART 2 of this series we’ll be exploring how to figure out if what you have is actually Candida… Stay tuned!

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