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How was your week? Has is flown by like mine has? Time to make peace with what was and set yourself up for success next week. How can you plan your weekend in a way that allows you to recharge and still feel like you are getting everything done that needs doing?!

Be kind to yourself!

From taking part in a daily video challenge the second week in a row I have learned that it’s impossible to prepare for all eventualities. Yes, it’s scary!

But sometimes you make the most progress when you allow yourself to take imperfect action and correct the course as you go along, because from taking action you are becoming more courageous.

The same applies to dieting and making lifestyle changes for healing – you can easily spend all day analysing every little thing you are eating that may or may not have caused a symptom relapse and whether or not this has pushed you back to square one… or you just include a few new foods into your diet and test the waters how they react to you or perhaps you go out socialising which you normally avoided just in case it would overexert you…

Anxiety isn’t a healthy place to live in. I’ve spent for too much time in that place. So whatever you do, push past it!

I’ve just read an inspiring book called ‘Daring Greatly’ that is helping me to show up more confidently and present, and I’m hoping that my new zest for life is rubbing off on you too ?

Here are the latest FBlives a recorded (each one is between 5-10 minutes long) – tune in when you need a little bit of encouragement! And let me know if I can answer a specific question for you next week.

VIDEO 1:             Why cereal is bad for you & how I gave it up ??

VIDEO 2:            3 Beginner’s Meditation Tips ?

VIDEO 3:            Turning doubt & procrastination into positive action!  ?

VIDEO 4:            Is Gluten free Pasta healthier? Quick review of the ones I liked best ?



Lots of inspiration for Gluten free recipes, Candida diet desserts, Paleo, Vegan….

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