Are You Baking Christmas Cookies this year?

sneak preview at next week's cookies

If you are then read on, and if you don’t then you might still like to see the Christmas Cookies that me and my fellow cookies makers are baking at the moment…


The Healthiest Tastiest Christmas Cookies Coming up

I am determined to find the Healthiest Tastiest Christmas Cookies 2013.

So what better way to go about this then ask a few famous food bloggers that I admire to bake some for us, right.

Here’s how this works:

I have asked 15 awesome ladies to share one of their best healthiest cookies with us. They are busily preparing and baking as we speak.

Next week I should have all the recipes so I can share them with you. I can already tell you – it will be a feast – these ladies have pulled out all the stops. The cookies recipes and pics that I have already been sent were amazing!

xmas bikkies

Are you baking cookies this year?

If you bake “healthier” Christmas bikkies of some sort then please share them with us too.

You can either send me your recipe with a photo or just leave a comment with the ingredients for your cookies.

In the run up to Christmas I will publish a post specifically about Candida diet friendly Cookies.

So if you have an idea how to make your favourite cookies candida diet friendly or sugar free then please hang onto your tips and share them underneath the upcoming Candida Cookies post to make it easier for all of us to find sugar free cookies.

That’s it for now my friends :)

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    • Jean

      Reply Reply December 6, 2013

      I do not have a recipe but will be anxiously awaiting the recipe! Thanks so much.

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply December 6, 2013

        It’s not easy is it – all traditional recipes ask for sugar if not sugar, chocolate and fruit… I haven’t had the time to bake anything yet. But last year I had quite good results with coconut macaroons and some oaty bikkies. I will explore those further I think. Will keep you posted. What are your favourite cookies?

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