Creamy Green Calmer Smoothie

Serves: 1

Prep time: 4 minutes
Time to make: 1 min


  • 5 lettuce leaves
  • ½ cucumber
  • handful of spinach
  • chlorella
  • spirulina
  • cashew nuts
  • ½ can chilled creamy coconut milk
  • rice milk with coconut flavour
  • optional: a few bits of frozen mango and banana (unless you are in the early stages of the candida diet, then leave out)
  • optional: handful of fresh coriander or basil


Simply blend all the ingredients until you have a thick creamy smoothie.

The name says it all – this smoothie really calms you down.  

And if it brings a moment of calm to your busy day, that can only be good, right ?

Now I could tell you that that’s because of the soporific qualities of the lettuce.

But let’s just say that once you experience the silky sweet smoothness of this coconutty creation, you’ll forget all finer details any way…

The cashew nuts make this smoothie extra sweet & creamy.

But if you have a few bits of frozen Mango and Banana at hand and your diet allows for this addition, I’d go for it. It makes the smoothie even more creamy if that’s humanly possible.

This is definitely a smoothie that even “non green smoothie drinker” can enjoy.

It’s in fact the first green smoothie that past the “MM-Test

This stands for “micrometer mouth-test” as my boyfriend can detect a mile off whether I have added vegetable or herb material to his food source – god forbid if it is green, grain based or has a funny name like gluten free or vegan… a sure “no pass” normally.

So if a dish DOES pass the MM-test it means it tastes pleasant even to a“sweets, coffee, white pasta, pizza, booze and meat- loving” bloke in his thirties.
In other words, you are safe to offer it to anyone in your close vicinity ?

This was the latest edition to my Groovy Green Smoothie Challenge, where I’m searching for a palatable green smoothie to eradicate any bread cravings.

Have you got a recipe up your sleeve? What’s your go-to juice/ smoothie?

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