DAY 5 Candida Summit (Lymph, Sleep, Essential oils, Heavy metals, EMF…)

Wow, I’ve got to say the Candida summit is choc-o-block full of interesting & useful content on curing Candida and getting your life back.

No BS, which I very much appreciate. I loved how the host put it: 

No filler, all killer! 

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What you’ll learn from these experts:

Christine Schaffner, ND

  • How to protect your clinic from EMFs
  • Candida’s affect on your lymphatic system
  • Serotonin, melatonine and sleep issues

Nicolas Pineault

  • What are the sources of EMF?
  • WiFi, does it affect us?
  • Truth (and lies) about EMF protection

Jodi Cohen

  • Best essential oils for candida
  • How to use oils effectively
  • Essential oil protocols

Jason Prall

  • How the world’s “elders” approach diet
  • Thinking about fruit like a native
  • Are candida diets effective?

Jay Davidson, DC, PScD

  • Recommended heavy metal detox protocol
  • Chelation vs. other heavy metal detox methods
  • Using supplements to bind toxins

Why not check one of the interviews out now?!… Click here to listen. 

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