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Orange Coconut Water Jelly

Dessert Time! No, seriously, it’s about time we had another nice dessert again. Don’t you think? Something light and fresh, summery even. Ever since I bought this horrendously overpriced gelatin to heal my leaky gut issues I have waited for an opportunity to actually make a dessert out of it. A fruit jelly seemed the…

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Fig with Banana Vanilla Sauce

This is as decadent as it is simple.  You do need fresh figs for this. If you have never had one – buy one now. It’s the sexiest fruit ever. Exotic fig and vanilla go well together :-) And the hint of banana gives it a lovely sweetness that masks the stevia taste. Print Figs…

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Avocado Caramel Pudding

Have you ever made an avocado pudding? The idea of using unusual ingredients to make healthier desserts intrigues me.Since my Candida levels are now back to normal I feel I can take the plunge and make an avocado pudding. It’s ever so easy to make. And it DOES have the consistency of a ‘normal’ pudding.…

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Sugar free Carrot Cake Recipe

Who said Cake was off the books while you’re on the Candida Diet?! OK, this carrot cake is not like traditional cake. It’s more like soda bread. But it’s ever so moreish and comforting! I recommend you use this sugar free carrot cake recipe as the base for baking a big loaf. Cut into smaller…

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healthy easter snacks

What Healthy Easter Snacks can you eat during the Candida Diet?

3 Healthy Easter Snacks that help you through this Weekend of Temptations! Bank Holidays and festive seasons like Easter and Christmas can quickly become a dieter’s nightmare. It only takes your family to invite you over for a big roast with several puddings to put your hard earned willpower to the test. How could you…

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