Only a few hours left: Tonight the 50% discount ends for the Recipes EBook!

Book-Pre-Order-EndsJust wanted to give you a heads up, that the price for my ‘Sugar Free & Easy’ e-cookbook goes up to $19.99 at midnight tonight! 

Everyone loves a bargain, so CLICK HERE and get 100% of the Candida diet info & scrumptious recipes for 50% of the price!

Unlike a lot of the “Candida Diets” out there, this provides SUPER useful info you can actually APPLY STRAIGHT AWAY.

And there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so no risk is necessary to try out these tasty (yet healthy) recipes!

If you are interested at all in following a low carb sugar free diet don’t waste your time and energy trying to do it all yourself.

Learning how to use sugar, yeast, dairy and gluten free ingredients can be overwhelming and frustrating (and you could even end up making yourself ill).

Take the short route and go directly to the recipes here:

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P.S.: You’ll here from me again in a couple of days or so (as you can imagine I’ll be super excited about the book launch). From then on it’s back to creating cool content for you — I’ll be sharing recipes and Candida related, immune system boosting info. Stay tuned :)

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