My Easter on the Candida Diet… uh, oh!

Easter on the Candida Diet

How can you survive Easter with all its sweet temptations if you’re on the Candida Diet? 

Barely, I’d say ;-)

I don’t know about you but in my family everyone has a sweet tooth.

And even though I tried to make the chocolatey giveaways healthier this year…

Easter chocolate

… my Cheat’s Chocolate Easter Bunnies still contained chocolate and were therefore a definite candida diet no-no. Well, I did nibble on one just to be double-sure…;-)

Gone are the days when I had started on the Candida Diet – full of enthusiasm, thinking of clever sugar free snacks to suppress your hunger before embarking on family gatherings.

This year I figured, after such a long time on the diet, on those rare family dos, I might as well enjoy myself and eat what I like.

You can’t always be restraint – it’s no good for your soul!

So I went all out and had Elderflower bubbly with Prosecco (great combination btw!), lemon drizzle cake  and almond cherry pie with creme! (Aw, the joy!)

The roast lamb was undoubtedly the only candida diet friendly(ish) food I had over the entire bank holiday weekend.

roast lamb

We have yet to see whether this yeast-feast has thrown me back in my recovery – I’ll give you a lowdown of the effects in my next Diet Update at the end of this month.

(Here’s last month’s update in case you’re curious what state I’m in right now.)

So, what about you?! I hope you had a lovely time regardless of what your food choices ;-)

While we’re talking about it – what in your opinion is the best semi-”healthy” Easter treat? Leave a comment below the green sign up box.

And if you’re feeling the post-holidays-blues a bit, like me – then perhaps try my latest Groovy smoothie concoction with creamy cashew & coconutty yumminess.

So good – the perfect antidote for any diet sins.

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