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Candida Diet Program Launched in February 2015

The “Beat the Bloat” Candida Diet Boot Camp opened at the beginning of the year.


You can see imformation about the program on the page below, but you can’t purchase it at the moment.
Sorry! But the program will be opened this summer.
This launch was just a test drive to get me some valued feedback and testimonials.
That’s why I won’t allow anyone to join the program at the moment, so I can give the people on the course my full attention (for maximum encouragement & healing results). Then I’ll be implementing the suggested changes and additions, and open the program again at the end of summer.
Check out my video via the link above so you see what the program is about – and decide if it is a good fit for you or someone you know.
I learned so much in the Candida online courses that I went through in 2014 (“Digestive sessions” $150 & “Kick Candida for Good” $250); I’d love to share my knowledge with you soon :)
Hope life has been treating you well.
Keep in touch,
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