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I admit that I dropped the ball regarding email responses this past year. If you were one of those people who didn’t get a response from me – I apologize! I receive upwards of twenty heart-felt personal email letters from people about their health issues and problems every day.

You can imagine how quickly that builds up into an unmanageable inbox mountain when you had a few busy weeks where you couldn’t respond… I actually timed it and writing the individual responses took me anywhere from five minutes to over an hour. So even if I did nothing other than writing emails I couldn’t get through, and I do have other commitments as well. It killed me!

FAQ System ready for your questions

So I hired a developer to create me an FAQ system where you can not only ask a question, but you can also search other Q&As by keyword and other members can answer your question, too.

We have such a wonderful community of like-minded and knowledgeable people. It’s about time we found ways to combine our knowledge to help each other :) The system is free for you to use. You can of course still email me, I love hearing from you. But chances are I will have already answered your question, so you might get a quicker answer in the FAQ rather than having to wait for my response…

P.S. Next week I’ll show you how you can get help from me One-on-One that is way better than by email… You’ll also get a chance to win some awesome health foods like coconut butter and Yannoh coffee substitute, and I’ll share my latest healthy yet tasty cake recipe with you. Stay tuned ?



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  • Tricia

    Reply Reply March 16, 2015

    I’ve been on the candida diet for about 4 weeks now. I had read on on some sites to start a probiotic right away so I did. Then I read on another site that I shouldn’t be taking them until later. So I stopped for these past 2 weeks.
    My question is when do you suggest I start taking them?
    Thank you for making your site , I find it to be the most helpful yet ; ) this stuff has really been a pain in the butt to me “literally” but I working hard to kick it.
    I definitely must of had inflammation from it for the past 4 years. Since I started the diet cleansing, my joints aren’t stiff anymore .I feel like I’m breathing better, sleeping more.
    I feel like a kid again. ” coming from a 55 yr. old”

    • Sandra

      Reply Reply March 21, 2015

      Hi Tricia, thanks so much for your kind words — I’m so happy you are already feeling better. Keep up the great work. It was a good idea to stop the probiotics, as usually just from taking probiotics there is die off and you might feel worse for wear. Likewise if you take antifungals you start of feeling unwell before you get better. If you start taking both at the same time, chances are you really feel the effects. So it’s a good idea to introduce the probiotics after 2-3 weeks of taking the antifungals. But there’s no exact science, just see how you feel. Probiotics are definitely essential for rebuilding your health.
      Take care

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