Find your Flow – 21 Days of Free Meditations for you!

free guided meditation to find your flow

How much quiet time do you get in these hectic times? I have actually started listening listen to guided meditations again, because I got so caught up in doing, achieving, chasing… that I almost burned out.

High time I changed things, I just felt stressed and overwhelmed ALL the time – that can’t be healthy!

Guided meditation seemed the easiest option, as I literally wasn’t able to relax on my own. I physically didn’t even sit down on the sofa to read a book because I felt I had no time for that, crazy.

I hope your work life balance is way better than mine. But just on the off chance you’ll get a bit stressed yourself in the next few days with family festivities, Easter egg hunts and all that ? let me share with you the meditations I’m listening to at the moment:

There are 21 days of meditations “Find your flow” it’s called. It started a few days ago on Deepak Chopra’s website ( You have to register but the meditations are completely free. I’ve been doing them for three days so far and they have really helped me to get a grip and calm down.

So if you fancy adding an element of calm to your day check it out: Click this to hear a sample and go the FREE meditations to find your flow.

P.S.: I’m getting closer to publishing the recipes book now (at least the electronic version) – thanks a lot in case you sent some recipes suggestions or feedback. Much appreciated! I haven’t had a chance to get back to everyone personally unfortunately… If you have any more recipes suggestions please post them here :)

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