Candida diet support (PART 2): Why it’s crucial to get tested whether you even have Candida!

This month we are focusing on finding a solution to your health problems.

Last week in PART 1 of this series we talked about ending the confusion around what you can and can’t eat when you have Candida.

This week in PART 2 we’re looking at the necessity to get tested.

If you’d like to talk to me to hear exactly how I turned my health around including recommendations for books, online courses and health practitioners that can help you that would be the perfect opportunity. Note: I’m only planning on offering the additional tele support this month to bring you up to speed before Thanksgiving and Christmas…

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1. Some treatments are only effective when targeting the right species – you could be lumbered with you symptoms forever!

What’s the problem?

Say you “think” you have Candida, but really your symptoms are caused by SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) – then not only do you end up with a great deal of discomfort and embarrassment from all the gas, bloating, heartburn, mood swings, diarrhea or constipation; the basic Candida diet also doesn’t address the food sensitivity issues that go alongside of SIBO so lots of foods won’t agree with you and therefore your repertoire of foods gets more and more limited until you can only eat lettuce and courgettes practically.

Not to mention that you’re not healing fully which is a fairly major aspect; and believe you me I must know since I had trouble with SIBO when I first started on my recovery journey!

What’s the solution?

It would take too long to go through all the different tests here… but the gist is you need a different test for SIBO than for Candida.

2. If the underlying cause isn’t detected then your symptoms will likely return

What’s the problem?

If your body is struggling with heavy metal poisoning for instance then your body can actually promote a Candida overgrowth to protect your organs from the detrimental effects of the metals in your system.

So it builds a bio-film around Candida and the toxins to protect you. Well it might be meant well but it certainly comes with a whole host of side effects.

What’s the solution?

Therefore it’s a good idea to test not just for Candida but also for heavy metal poisoning like lead, mercury or cadmium.

3. If you have a Leaky gut and take probiotics you might as well pour the expensive probiotics down the drain

What’s the problem?

While you have a leaky gut as the name suggests food particles get into your blood stream and can cause very unpleasant food allergy symptoms and bloating. As long as that is going on your immune system will be busy putting out the fires.

Your gut won’t get a chance to heal and remains inflamed. Therefore taking expensive supplements in the hope they will repopulate your gut with the good guys isn’t going to cut it.

What’s the solution?

You need to test how much Leaky Gut you have. In fact it is advisable to test twice – once before you start on Candida treatment or similar and once after to see if the treatment was successful or if you need to take the gut healing meds for a bit longer. Once fixed you can nicely repopulate your gut with probiotics that will help your immune system get stronger.

Do you often wonder why you feel especially bloated and tired after a meal? Do you all of a sudden suffer from food sensitivities that you didn’t have when you were young?

Are you still unsure what tests exactly you need and where you can get them? Are you confused and anxious that you can’t afford to do the tests?

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P.S.: In PART 3 of this series we’ll be looking at recurring bladder and yeast infections and thrush and how to treat those naturally – stay tuned!

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