Green Goodness Juice

Now here’s a drink that is a real vitamin & mineral powerhouse. Whenever you need a little pick-me-up just drink this Green Goodness Juice…


  • 175g self-raising flour
  • 50g margarine
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 2 Medium eggs
  • 4 tablespoons milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 200g chocolate


  • sugar (a sprinkling for a crunchy top)


Step 1
Place the flour and caster sugar into a bowl and create a well in the middle for the other ingredients.

Mix the eggs, vanilla extract, milk and margarine and then pour it into the bowl with the dry ingredients.

Mix well until it is lump free and then break the chocolate into small pieces and add them.
Step 2
Pour the muffin mixture into a muffin tin filling each mould up to two thirds full.

Place a block of chocolate into the middle of each muffin. Then sprinkle some sugar over the top of each.
Step 3
Cook for around 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 200ºC / 390ºF / gas mark 5. After 18 minutes or so check to see if they are cooked enough.

Insert a knife into one of the muffins and if no mixture is on the knife then they are cooked!

Allow to cool for at least 5 minutes before eating.

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      • Hello Alicia,
        I guess that depends what you want to put in your green smoothie ?

        I have to admit I came up with this drink before I had got into smoothie making. So there is definitely room for an updated yummier version.

        The only thing I’d say is that the thicker a smoothie is the harder it is to digest and the more energy it takes your body to do that. That’s why it’s recommended during a fast to drink juices rather than smoothies – to reserve all energy for cleansing and healing.

        The way I look at it is this: I’d stick to juices most of the time (at least during stage 1 of the diet and if I was feeling ill) and I’d have a green smoothie when I was starving or had lots of stress or lots of pressure at work.

    1. I am allergic to spinach…what could I use in place of the spinach.
      I am so happy that I found your website. I went to an Interventionist and nutritionist and on day 8 of yeast free diet…having the “detox” symptoms today. Your website is so informative..
      Thank you

      • Hi Michelle, thanks so much. I’m hoping you’ll feel better soon. It’s great that you’re working with specialists – that will speed things up big time. You can use a different herb or salad type leaf for instance water cress and then add extra coriander or basil leaves. It doesn’t taste nice. But every little helps ? Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery!

    2. Hi, I managed to make my own leafy green juice the other day and I wanted to share my experience as it may benefit others
      Ok the ingredients:
      Handful of organic spinach, handful of organic watercress, small bunch baby spring greens, about a 3rd of an organic cucumber, one half of a lemon organic, 3 cloves of garlic organic, Ginger, oregano, 250ml low fat live organic goats milk, 250ml unsweetened almond milk, handful of organic walnuts
      Result: much to my surprise, yummy yummy! Seriously nice! So I had two full glasses! Within 2 minutes I felt odd? Not Ill just odd; this continued for the rest of the evening, no biggy just felt a little unusual
      Next day OH MY GOD!!! Did anyone see the truck that hit me? I felt like I had been on the booze big time! Took 24hrs with constantly drinking filtered water to feel better
      But the following day I felt Amazing!! It was like nothing had happened?? So I guess do this one when you have nothing planned for the next day! Except sleep and reading, then more sleep
      My candida is systemic, I have low thyroid low adrenals, and a liver that’s slightly out of tune.
      have fun

      • Hey Robert, so good to see you are well on your way with the cleansing ?
        That’s a mighty powerful smoothie you have mixed yourself there, respect. I am always a bit wary to add walnuts to my drinks because you sometimes can’t tell when they are rancid, if they don’t look or taste funny… Sounds like your experience was more a reaction to the antifungals though (garlic and oregano – did you use the drops or the herb?)
        I love that you shared your recipe and experience here with us – thank you for that. I hope you’ll continue to feel amazing.
        All my best, Sandra

        • Hi Sandra,
          I forgot to mention 3 stalks of organic celery, 2 organic spring onions, watch those honions!! Makes your eyes water lol
          With regard to the walnuts I use a small packet a week so never had an issue, I have osteo in my bones so trying to balance out my calcium/magnesium levels, but I know exactly what you mean with regard to freshness, I try to use fresh food all of the time, no sense in putting old food in your tummy, sometimes I find you have to be ruthless and sling it out even if only 2 days old and I have noticed organic doesn’t keep so well, probably because it’s real food! Lol
          The first sign of degradation it’s for the bin, you only get out of your body what you put in I believe, so to spend a little extra on my diet is the best investment I will ever make, too bad I never realized that years ago but no dwelling on the past, looking forward to my recent change of life style and “feelin goood” already! Got to go I’m having some Bouillon with pressed Garlic and ginger, try it, its lovely yummy warmy on a cold winters eve!

          Take care


          • ? Love it! I’d like some of your Bouillon now – sounds very restorative! Fancy a swap – you can have some of my bone broth lol. Enjoy

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