Green Smoothie Challenge

The 5 day smoothie cleanse that worked
despite my busy schedule and dislike for greens!

Can you really turn your health around with a 5 day smoothie challenge?

OK, let’s get real people. Putting on a pair of sweat pants and jogging around the block aint gonna turn you into a world athlete!

Likewise, 5 days of smoothies is not going to tone you into superwoman or magically heal every ailment you may have. You do know that – right?!

Of course you do 😉

But what it can do is:

  • Give you better skin
  • Give you clearer thinking
  • Give you more energy
  • Help your digestion
  • Help you sleep better

…and give you that belief and motivation to carry this awesome ritual on. By working this into your life you WILL have the ability to aid the healing of your ailments while transforming your body to the more sleeky curves that are so desirable!

commonly asked questions…

Everybody has questions when stating a challenge like this, even if it’s just 5 days!  Some of the more common questions I’ve been asked are below.

Commonly asked questions about the 5 day smoothie challenge…


Will I get headaches or any side-effects, will this affect my ability to work?

Some people may experience headaches or slight nausea due to detoxification but these symptoms generally pass quickly.  Drinking lots of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice can help flush out the toxins that are responsible for your discomfort.

How can I even find the time to rustle up a smoothie every day?

Preparing a green smoothie takes less than 20 min and can be prepared the night before!

What about the neighbors, will my blending disturb then in the morning?

Early risers need not fear disturbing the neighbors, family or flat-mates.  Just do your blending the night before and you’ll be good to go!

How could I possibly feel as full and satisfied as if I’m eating crackers and bagels…?

You’d be surprised at how filling a smoothie can be! Plus you’re only replacing one meal, I’m sure you’ll be fine 😉 If you’re really struggling with this I have a killer healthy cracker recipe that tastes like the real deal and will help ease your transition (you’ll get this in the challenge… if you need it)!


So let’s take a closer look how I made this 5 Day Challenge work for me.

just 20 min prep… and you’re done!

Firstly let me state that I’m not a lazy individual, I’m a busy individual.  I have limited time (as do we all) to get meaningful stuff done – so introducing new habits that potentially take up MORE of my time is a BIG ask!

Next up is the fact that although I generally like green things, the idea of blending them all up and drinking them does NOT appeal to me. Greens on a plate – good! Greens in a glass – oh no no!

That’s  a lot of resistance, so how on earth do we make this work?

Well we need to look at the other side of the equation, what are the benefits, what pain is this going to solve for me, and just how much effort and time is this REALLY going to take.

Hey, did I mention that I’m pragmatic as well?  Let’s give this a go!

First up, I like the idea of more energy and better decision making – I could definitely do with more of that in my life 🙂  Every day I’m faced with a multitude of new tasks that always seem to be different from the last. And technology, uuuuuh… don’t get me started on technology.

If green smoothies can help here – then I’m in! 

Next up, can they really give me clearer skin?  If all I have to do is chug down a glass of green a day and magically I become a clear skin wonder, then this also sounds like a win!

The Healing power of green smoothies!

The picture on the left shows the acute eczema flare up on my arms that actually made me investigate Green smoothies in the first place. The pic on the right shows how nicely the inflammation went down after the Green Smoothie cleanse. 

And finally I totally understand the importance of digestion and good sleep, so if Team-Green can deliver this too – then I’m a resounded Hell Yea!

Awesome results from my green team compadres

all the steps you need to get started!

Below is a Step by Step Process How to Successfully do a 5 Day Smoothie Challenge

I spent about a day researching the best green smoothies on the net:

  • Downloaded a couple of green smoothie recipe books on Amazon
  • Did a Google search for green smoothie recipes
  • Looked through all my green smoothie related notes in Evernote
  • Searched for green smoothies on Pinterest
    (here’s a screen-shot of part of my Pinterest collection below).

get prepared — measure & weigh yourself

People enter into smoothie cleanses without knowing their starting point. It might be disheartening but do jump on your scales to have some base data to gauge your progress on. If you can measure your waist, arm, leg, hip and breast circumference, so much the better.

Also jot down how you are feeling. Tired. Energized. Happy. Sad…. Did you sleep well? Could you focus well or did you feel absentminded?

Now that you know your current state it’s time to define what success would look like!

set a realistic goal & timeframe

 It’s crucial that you pick a clear goal. Do you want to lose weight? How much? Do you want to be able to think clearly, have radiant skin?

It’s important to give yourself a deadline to achieve your goal. Set a realistic intention of what you can achieve in that time frame. Look at what others in your situation have achieved.

block time out for smoothie prep & groceries shopping

 Chance favors the prepared mind. This is the bit where most people slip up.

Life might throw a curveball at you, and it’s easy to cave in and resort to some quick comfort food to get you through the stressful situation.

The way we get around that is by preparing the smoothie ingredients in advance. Because if you get into the habit of chopping a load of fruit and veg once a week and you are storing them accessibly in the freezer and refrigerator, and it’s just a question of pulling the prepared bag out and blending it then that actually becomes doable. Even in times of stress!

Same with groceries shopping. I find if I first get all the greens and fruit when out shopping I’m less likely to fill up my shopping trolley with rubbish. If you don’t know your basic greens staples yet, it’s a good idea to always have your groceries list accessible.

surround yourself with people who cheer you on


Us humans are pack animals. So you definitely want to surround yourself with positive people, preferably in the same situation as you. That can help you to kick going when things get tough.

Not to forget that others will share their favourite smoothies recipes with you which is inspiring.

try a bunch of smoothies. simplify & make it fun


In order to see results you’ll have to find something that works.

So don’t kill yourself trying to re-invent the wheel. There are some really effective Green Smoothie online cleanses and recipes books out there. Just pick one you like the look of, and get to it.

A few days in you measure and weigh yourself again and take stock of your feelings. If you think the smoothies are working for you, perfect. Keep going.

If you don’t like them, don’t be afraid to put the book or cleanse aside and try something different until you find something that works. I still have two green smoothie books on my kindle where I have never made a single recipe from because the ingredients just don’t sound enticing or too fussy.

But don’t just go on what it sounds like because at the end of the day, you are here for the results. You want to lose weight or give your health a boost. It doesn’t hurt sometimes to drink a smoothie that might not taste as good but that gets you the results you want faster.

But don’t just go on what it sounds like because at the end of the day, you are here for the results. You want to lose weight or give your health a boost. It doesn’t hurt sometimes to drink a smoothie that might not taste as good but that gets you the results you want faster…

there is no step 6 just rinse repeat!

…You can only do that though if you stay motivated and you believe you can do this. If you put yourself through a highly complicated intense 30 day cleanse and you are trying lots of things at the same time, it becomes impossible to gauge your progress. How do you know what’s working and what isn’t? So you have to break it down and keep measuring your progress, so you can adjust the methods if necessary.

Then it’s just about leaning into it, rather than resisting against it, and about trying out different green smoothies. Pain might be inevitable, but suffering is entirely optional 😉

Remember the idea is to nourish yourself, not to starve yourself. So have fun with it!

Your chance to make history

feel lighter, more alert and ready
to deal with the day!

collect them all…
every day awards you with a new smoothie card!

Every day brings you a new smoothie card, make it through the five days and collect them all.  Each card contains the ingredients, instructions on how to make the smoothie and a bunch of other useful and fun information

lets recap

So there you have it a 5-day Green Smoothie Challenge that took less than a day of prep work, completely cleared up the Eczema skin rash on my arms and taught me how to include more greens into my diet despite my busy schedule.

The other people who went through the challenge with me also reported great results. From feeling lighter and happier to thinking clearer, feeling less bloated and having a lot more energy for the things that matter in life.

Not to mention that it’s really nice to have a tasty new go-to-snack option in smoothie form that’s sub 15 mins to make that you can enjoy instead of a meal when there’s not enough time to cook anything.

5 Day Green Smoothie challenge
starting on Monday 22nd August.


If you are curious and want to learn how can use Green Smoothies to boost how you’re feeling then click here to find out more about the next upcoming 5 Day Green Smoothie challenge starting on Monday 22nd August. It’s FREE!

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