Happy Nikolaus Day 🙂

chocolate Nikolaus

If you have some chocolate on the Candida Diet – make it dark chocolate!


Since today everybody in my home country is eating chocolate I need your sympathy (it’s Nikolaus day in Germany!!! yes, not only do you get to raid your chocolate advent calendar – no you also get sweet treats on the 6th of December – have I mentioned that I miss this tradition *sigh*)

There’s no chocolate for me today here in the UK. Instead I’m going to tell you the health benefits of chocolate. Just in case you do succumb to it this month. At least then you can hang onto the thought of the benefits rather than the potential side effects such as weight gain (choci is high in saturated fat) and candida growth (choci makes more blood sugar available in your body).  Right, onto the positives:

The Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate:

  • It’s high in antioxidants so you might live longer and look younger.
  • It’s definitely good for the heart.
  • Chocolate also contains minerals that help your mood.

So it’s not all bad folks. If you do enjoy a piece (notice how I said “piece” and not “bar”, haha) then make it 70% cocoa or even better make your own with raw cocoa nibs, coconut oil and stevia.

But let’s be realistic – pre-Christmas times are stressful times – if you do have a little chocolate or a coffee or a glass wine don’t beat yourself up.

Enjoy and just be a little healthier the rest of the week.

Don’t give up. One day at a time.

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Jean December 6, 2013 at 19:23

Life extension lef.org sells dark chocolate bars made with xylitol.


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