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A Bit of Health Motivation for You!

With the holidays on our door step and everyone rushing around in a frenzy it’s all too easy to rush around as well. I hear ya!

In that mode you NEED extra carbs to keep you going and to calm your frazzled nerves. I’ve been there…  In fact I have recently started eating a daily breakfast of oatmeal (Porridge oats) just to have more energy and get more done in the morning (not very Candida diet conscious, but hey ho, these things happen).

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you are not sticking to your diet how you had hoped to. You are doing fine. No need to beat yourself up.

You will have plenty of opportunity to turn your diet around again if too many sweets or a glass of vino have sneaked back into your diet.

Just don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. You are going to sort your diet & lifestyle out!

This is just a blip in the ocean. Nothing to worry about, and no failure but just a stepping stone on your way to optimum health. So do what you can and balance “naughty” days with “healthy” days, but overall don’t stress over it. You have enough else on your plate. So pat yourself on the back for all the awesome things you are doing right and what you have already achieved!

be healthy

Take a moment to centre yourself and just breathe deeply or close your eyes with a big cuppa of your favourite tea or Yannoh with almond milk (my personal fav which is a chicory root based coffee substitute!)

Just BE, and realize that in this very moment everything is ok. There are no worries, no anxieties… they all belong to the past or the future. Right now there is no reason why you couldn’t enjoy a moment of calm, free from pressure and stress ?

I have to consciously remind myself to take these moments, too.

That’s why I sent you this little reminder, because I want us to end this year feeling calm & centred — that will do wonders for your health as well (especially with Candida related illnesses that can take months if not years to clear up you can really benefit from developing stress management techniques).

And if the idea of a moment of stillness doesn’t appeal to you because you are already feeling wound up like a coil then get some movement — exercise or a systematic house-decluttering action can also help turn an unhealthy stress response into positive action.

Keep warm & be well!

P.S.: In case you are wondering what happened to part 3 & 4 of my recent Candida diet support series… it’s not going anywhere. I will send out the remaining parts in the next few weeks. I’m here to help you get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms and how to get rid of them…

I just thought you could do with an extra dose of health inspiration and encouragement this week! 



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