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Struggling? Here’s some motivation for you!

health motivation

Recently when I looked for motivational quotes and images to share on the Candidadietplan Facebook page I noticed that an increasing number of people are struggling with their diets and health.

Which made me think it’s time for a motivational post, yay!


There are ten new people over in the free FB group (Detox Buddies) who have just started the Candida diet and are already seeing some progress which is great. So don’t suffer in silence. If you think you could benefit from getting back on the diet then why not pop in to say hi? The team spirit and emotional support in the group is amazing.

When I look back at what I felt like when I started adapting to a sugar free lifestyle I remember that

Changing Your Diet Isn’t Easy

In fact it felt incredibly frustrating.

So much to learn and understand. Constantly labels checking for hidden sugars.

Not to forget the unwanted food presents from family and friends who want to support you by giving you what they believe are “healthy snacks” (which means it’s either fruit or has “very little sugar in it” – thank you very much!)

Everything is terribly confusing.

And all you want to do is eat! And how are you meant to function without your beloved coffee fix?

You’re feeling on edge and under the weather. Is it a cold or die off? Questions over questions. It’s only natural to start feeling sorry for yourself. Everyone else is having fun. Only you have to stick to this boring diet, right! It’s normal to feel that way.

But it’s crucial to remind yourself that you are doing this to heal your body. To feel fully well again. To be happy.

Naturally this will be uncomfortable at times. There is no getting around it.

You just have to roll with the punches and focus on things that are positive in your life

On things that make you smile.

Things that are worth putting in the effort for (and if you have none then it’s time to create them, hah!)

The last time I set out to create something motivating it looked like this:
health motivation

Some of it might be too small to read but the gist of it is this:

Follow your heart and your health will follow

Wrap up warm. Relax. Breathe deeply. Feed your soul. Recharge. Energize. Be good to yourself. You can heal yourself!

It might not feel like it right now. But you can turn your life around.

You can eat healthily (sugar free even!) and feel absolutely amazing.

Little by little.

So keep on cleaning your diet up. Keep on doing the right thing. But acknowledge what you’ve already achieved. Pat yourself on the back for even starting this journey. The next step is fine-tuning. Doing more of what worked and less of what didn’t.

Whether you hit a road block in your healing or you fell off the metaphorical diet wagon, the thing that matters is to pick yourself up and keep going.

Even if you fall, as long as you keep walking your moving forward, right. So don’t look back at all the things you miss. You are not going that way.

Look curiously at new things you can explore. Maybe it’s time to start a new hobby, buy a board game, rekindle an old pen-friendship, book a salsa class, try out a new style of food like Paleo or Vegan. You never know what you might be missing by not trying…

If you are overcome with sadness then learn to re-program your mind with help of guided meditations and NLP. I have heard of someone who actually beat cancer by locking themselves in a room and watching non stop comedy dvds. I’m not saying that’s what you should do. But I kind of wished that’s what I had done, as no doubt that would have done me much better than over-analyzing all my actions and getting terribly anxious. Do things that force you to laugh or smile and get you out of this unhelpful frame of mind.

And if all else fails keep it simple and follow my 6 tips from the blue skies image above:

Eat light, sleep lots, think positive, get out into nature, move and never give up!

You are not alone! So many people are going through exactly what you are going through right now.

“Don’t put a limit on what you do. There are no limits, only plateaus, and you must go beyond them.” Bruce Lee

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    • Hannah September 19, 2014, 19:57

      Thank you for this, Sandra. Way to help us remember how far we’ve come, that it really is making a difference, and the gusto to keep it up!

    • Sandra September 19, 2014, 21:16

      You’re practically there now, yay! I have to come up with a way to give people a cool victorious badge of Candida conquering. You’ll be one of the first peops to receive one :) Thanks for the comment Hannah

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